Is Age Reduction Actually Possible?

I was asked recently why I chose the name AgeReductionSite for my new blog.  After all, it isn’t really possible to actually reduce your age, is it?   Noted “integrative medicine” proponent Dr Andrew Weil was recently asked on television that very question, and he replied shaking his head that you cannot reduce the aging you’ve achieved, you can only improve your health and outlook. (In so many words)   With all due respect to Dr Weil, I think that the evidence speaks otherwise. 

Obviously we are not referring to your chronological age, but in nearly every other way we have the power to reverse the effects this time has wrought upon us, and this ability goes far beyond simply “getting in shape and losing weight”.  We can set back our cellular and molecular clocks, reverse the damage done to our mitochondria and even alter other genetic timers such as our telomeres, which are a limiting factor on cellular mitosis (division).   These all actually change your body to that of a younger person on a fundamental level. 

I think that studies that prove this are only showing what should be obvious.  The vast array of benefits from a healthy lifestyle have a deep underlying reason, we are not merely staving off illness and building up what atrition has reduced.   Futhermore, anyone can reproduce it in themselves by simply adopting a workout program, wise supplementation and a healthy diet.  The change they experience speaks volumes.    So do you want to get on board?  I follow the developing research on anti-aging with a  passion and wish to share their condensed information with you, in a way that allows you to easily integrate it into your own life.  So you can see the results.   Check back regularly for updates, I will not disappoint you!

About Warren Dostie

Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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2 Responses to Is Age Reduction Actually Possible?

  1. Suzi says:

    I completely agree. I too, am passionate about age reduction. Where are you located? Do you consult as well? Love to chat.

    • Thanks for the comment Suzi. I’m a life extensionist from the east coast (NH). Im as old as the hills and planning to outlive them!
      Love to have you check back on my blog anytime or sign up, hopefully I have some new info for ya! Its my thing….

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