“Brain Fog” is Not Normal, How to Reverse That Age-Related Memory Loss.

Doctors say that slight short term memory loss is “normal” with aging, but I beg to differ.  I think that a better term would have been “typical” rather than normal.  Don’t get me wrong, some decline is unavoidable into later old age, but the common lapses and slowness many experience as early as in their forties, is clearly a result of lifestyle, and therefore it can be reversed.  Think about it.  What percent of the population eats well and works out regularly?  Less than 25%.  Yet it is clearly shown that these practices have a profound effect upon the health of our brains, as well as our muscular and cardiovascular systems, etc.  So is there any surprise that so many report memory decline so early?  The latest breaking research shows that our intelligence can also be effected.  No kidding!   (See my studies page for edification.)   Here are some of the best known ways for reversing that nagging memory loss or dulled reasoning you may have experienced.  You can get the brain you had back in the day.  And its actually pretty easy too!

  • Supplement daily with pure, quality fish oil.  The brain is dependent upon a healthy cardiovascular system, and the omega 3’s deliver many other benefits in addition to this.
  • Eat blueberries.  They go far beyond the powerful antioxidant properties they possess.
  • Begin an exercise program.  Exercise increases your intelligence.  Isn’t that a worthy cause?
  • Play mind puzzles and other games.  The brain behaves similar to a muscle.  Challenging and stimulating it with crosswords, crypto-puzzles, and other games keeps the mind sharp.
  • Talk to yourself!   This is my favorite.  I do it in a lecture fashion, as if giving a  seminar to a class.  I review topics outloud (when by myself:), this forces the formation of complete thoughts; it also develops firm control of your train of thinking.  Both these are beneficial to a sharp mind.
  • Cut down on the booze.  It is true that a glass of wine or even a beer in the evening conveys certain health benefits, but any alcohol is a detriment to the health of the brain.  While it is important to reserve some enjoyment to yourself, (I have a few beers now and then too)  it is not recommended to indulge in more than one or two with consistency.  So cut down to one a night, or find enjoyable substitutes and you will add to your newfound mental sharpness.  Just like Jack Lalanne said, “its not the things you do on occasions that harm you, its the things you do day in and day out.”  (In so many words.)

About Warren Dostie

Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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