Big Day Ahead…

Guess what I feel is one of the most important parts of your workout routine?  Is it the warmup?  The big “burnup”?  How about the cooldown?  Those are all very important, but no more so than the big wrist workout, when you take a pen and circle the next session on your calendar.   Planning ahead is absolutely critical to any new workout program.  If you neglect to do so you set the heavy wheels of procrastination and excuse-making into motion; for some it can take an edict from the Almighty to get started.   But it’s so much easier if you have the date scheduled in advance, (and your gear in ready) so when the time comes you just step right out and begin….

Motivation is about taking an active informed role in the forcing of your own cooperation with your grand designs.  You can use your wisdom and certain strategies in making it easy for yourself, or you can plod along unknowingly, dramatically increasing your odds of failure.  Get yourself on your own side!  Take decisive action and circle that start date.

About Warren Dostie

Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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