“Heavily Seasoned” Food for Thought on Exercise

Is this the bottom line –  you don’t exercise because you just simply hate to do it?   All that tiring, monotonous motion, just so that it gets a bit easier to do it next time;  it’s really a big pain in the neck for you isn’t it?  You work hard all day, when you get home you want to relax.   If this somewhat resembles your feelings about it,  let me just say this to you:  Stop exercising so hard!

If you’re more than 20 lbs overweight and/or you never get outside or to the gym specifically to exercise, you’re ALWAYS working out!   Everytime you have to lift yourself out of that chair, climb any stairs, or carry anything for any appreciable distance it is a real chore for you.  You’re left breathless and sweating.  All major motion for you is much heavier and harder than it should be.  Consider this:  many people, well into their 70’s or beyond can effortlessly “float” up 2, 3 even 4 flights of stairs without even a thought of it.  They walk briskly wherever they go, carry luggage and other heavy items without any effort and believe me, they are aware of this and enjoy it to the max.  Now you might say that “who cares, I don’t have to make constant trips everywhere, so what if its a bit of work.”  The reality is that we all have to “go places”, and if you are aware of yourself you will notice the huffing and puffing, or the arthritic pain you have accumulated.   All of these are the price of inactivity.  As I said before, you’re always working out!

So why not just consolidate these day long workouts into a few lousy 20 minute sessions per week, so that every activity that you do is so much easier and less of a pain?  You’ll also receive the other important health benefits, such as not dying from heart disease or cancer or diabetes.  You have full control over what you will do next.  Why not stop working out so hard and taking it easy for a change?

About Warren Dostie

Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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