Eat Smart – By Eating What You WANT.

Wonderful news!  You tried out that diet everyone was raving about and guess what?  It worked!  The 20 pounds melted off just like they said it would.   Mission accomplished.    But the news gets even better, you actually got the job done with two full months to go before beach weather, so you’ll be able to  show off your new bod and maybe even gloat a little bit!   Life is great, aint  it?

-Now according to these clearly laid out guidelines on page 197, you should begin carefully adding back all those foods you enjoy eating with a few minor alterations.    This is all part of the program, and it should be an effortless transition.   So you plunge forward with great zeal and anticipation.  

Flash forward two months and guess what has sadly befallen you (90% of the time)  Thats right, you’ve gained back about 15 of those pounds, fallen fully off the wagon and are now looking desperately for another miracle diet.  “Why did I fail?  I did exactly what it said to do.  And it was going so well!”    – Are all diets destined to fail in the long run?

My quick answer is yes, all miracle diets are destined to fail, because it is not in natures grand design to diet to begin with.  Believe it or not, mother nature programmed an enjoyment of foods that are healthy and beneficial to us, to ensure the consumption of necessary components for the thriving of the species;  it is our own warped habits and technology’s persuit of quantity vs quality that has done us in.   But cheer up.  If we are smart, we can overcome these negative trends and regenerate that natural enjoyment  of healthy foods.   The keyword in this is enjoyment.   Any diet that stresses abstinence is destined to fail, plain and simple.   You have to allow yourself to indulge now and then.

But what if the only food you currently like is bad for you?  What can you do?  Very simple, just seek out recipes that are healthy and taste good!    You can prepare almost any heathy plant or animal in such a way that it tastes good.  Take that foul weed broccoli.   So many people dislike it, and I was no exception, till I found out ways to work it into the menu.  Heres one way you can prepare it

Here is another great website for healthy, enjoyable meals:

You see the key is the art of substitution.  It may take a short period of experimentation and of conditioning, using all of your powers of creativity and all of the great menus and tricks I and others can show you, but after a while you find that you have the exact diet that you desire, you eat whatever you want, and never feel deprived.  This is smart engineering of your eating habits.  You set yourself on “auto-pilot” on the flight to success.          Keep in touch!


About Warren Dostie

Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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  1. PJ says:

    looking forward to the Thanksgiving Feast! In preperation of it, I am running a 5k in the morning to burn the calories I will no doubt in take later in the day.

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