A Passing Thought For the Day…

An intensely wierd, quirky thing about me:  I sometimes wake in the middle of the night to write, (often for hours at a time).  Inspiration flows freely for me at this time. Unfortunately I sometimes pay for it  the next day.   I wish I had an alarm clock that could put me to sleep as easily as it jars me awake  🙂   (drugfree, that is)

Here is the product of another sleepless night;  got to thinking about attitude…

They say that attitude is critical, and I won’t dispute this, but it is only so in that it serves to modulate and either intensify or inhibit the focus and execution of our objectives.  A good attitude provides a driving force to this attention and execution – high performance jet fuel for your desired course of action. 

 Ultimately we select both our preoccupation and our level of expectation,  so why not set it high?  My motto is this:  “Anything is possible for you.   Never allow yourself the insult of thinking otherwise.  It is not in your best interest.”

What do you think?

About Warren Dostie

Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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