Love Thine Competition….

Just as important (and maybe even more so) as your loved ones and supporters are is that other group – your tireless, relentless competition.  Why should we hate them?  Who else causes or forces you to use all of your brains, talent, creativity and effort?  Without them how could you rise to the heights of your potential?  To begin with, there are no heights at all without them, and there is no victory without the contest.

Competition and its essence – striving are what life is all about.  Nothing exists without contrast; without bumps and friction there is no road to begin with, and the greater the opposition the greater the potential for reward.

My purpose in this little motivational rant is not to suggest that you deliberately seek out opposition, (although designed competitive events are great for motivation and enjoyment)  but that you should not disparage it, instead respect and feed off it in a spirit of challenge and fair play.  In the large scheme of things your competition is actually an ally in some respects, for they are the source for much of the rewards we achieve in life.

Give em hell!

About Warren Dostie

Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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