Happy Thanksgiving All! Lets live it up!

One of the traits of successful people is their ability to “compartmentalize”,  and this certainly applies to festive occasions.  Why rain on your own parade?  Those who tell you to limit the damage from the “dangerous for dieters” holiday occasions miss the point in my opinion.

If you ask any true authority of the psychology of diet or exercise plans they’ll tell you that you have to reward yourself, to give a conscious and subconscious sense of gratification for all the hard work you’ve done.  The ratio of reward to effort must match also, by the way.  Besides, isn’t it more fun?

You will actually be more successful if you can isolate the reward sessions from the work ones.  In other words, the celebration (and laziness and pigging out) doesn’t last from Thanksgiving till Jan 2, but takes place on planned, specific days.

So give it hell on those occasions (but sensibly) and enjoy them for what they represent.  Have one on me.




About Warren Dostie

Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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