2012 – Your Best Year Ever

There’s nothing holding you back – but what is pushing you forward?  What is going to impel you to reaching those great objectives you’ve set for yourself this year?  Yes, thats right – that face you see in the mirror.  But just so that there are fewer stumbling blocks in your path on the way,  I have a few tips and strategies for you so you can really make it happen this time.

    Ok, you’ve set 2012 as the year you finally shed that agonizing 40 extra pounds that nobody loves.  You have taken a before picture, and an after picture (of someone with a great body with the head cut off, maybe?), put it on your fridge, and decided firmly that only one will look like you 6 months from now.

    You’ve made a list of foods to pickup next time out shopping – without chips, ice cream, candy, or highly glycemic “white” stuff.  You will stick to this list.  (Of course include healthy deserts and treats, you’re not a slave, just a smart person🙂

    You’ve circled a date on the calendar for your first walk or workout.  Better yet circled three or four more down the line.  Planning makes perfect.

    All thats left for you is to get started.  Always keep in mind that the real battle in a weight loss program, (or anything else) is in the arena of the psychological.  It doesn’t really matter that much which diet you select.  Its more about execution.  And that is where you have to be smart.  You must keep this in mind when its time for action.  Look at it like this:  What is most important to you?  Staying fat but getting a short term giggle from a treat, or getting fit, sexy, strong and happy?  You make that decision  everytime you reach that circle on the calendar.

Of course you’ll often run into that little devil I like to call Procrapstination, he can easily upset the apple cart.  Again, use awareness to brush it aside and move forward.  Understand that procrastination is far more than a delay, it is a setback, and an insult to yourself.  You decided in a calmer head that this was the best course for you, and all the flimsy rationalizations your urge projects are really just a bunch of bull.  You have a great, exciting goal right in front of you.  And it wont take all that long either.  Brush it aside and move right on and take it!



About Warren Dostie

Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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