The Right Whey to Lose Weight

On the shelves of your local grocery store…

Have you had your whey protein shake yet today?  If you aren’t using this amazingly effective (and good tasting) food source, you are missing out on a whole slew of rich benefits.  The research keeps flowing in, and it is undeniable:  whey protein is truly a miracle supplement.

It has long been a favorite of the body building crowd,  they know that whey has the best overall blend of amino acids of all known foods.  It is rapidly absorbable, stimulates tissue building and repair, and is one of the best possible promoters of immunity – whey can stop a cold right in its tracks see  here     What else could you ask for?

Whey might also be a powerful ally in the battle of the bulge.  A study published in the Journal of Nutrition here showed how whey can alter body composition while also stimulating fat loss.  In other words while you are preserving lean body tissue you are also lowering your overall weight.  The researchers observed a shrinking of waist dimensions in the subjects studied.  This has been borne out in other reviews. 

But how does whey do this?  Probably partly because protein promotes fullness, while also stimulating glucagon, a hormone produced in the pancreas that basically keeps you full longer.  (by maintaining steady blood sugar.)  Whey gives an instant charge to your greedy muscles, which also keeps your metabolism running at a fever pitch.  It is also low calorie by the way, and is usually ok for those with lactose issues.  Try it slowly if you fit this catagory.

In summary, if you add up all the short and long range benefits it becomes a no brainer.  Whey protein is one of the key supplements for those who wish to maintain a strong youthful body free from disease well into later life.   Have a glass every morning.  Your body will thank you down the line.

About Warren Dostie

Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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  1. chistanote says:

    it is great and i feel much better about my protein shakes

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