No Time For Exercise? Get Creative!

Do you find your day so utterly crammed with activities that you can’t even find 30 minutes to dedicate to your body?  Do you put in extreme hours also – leaving soon after dawn and working non-stop till well into the evening?  If so you are probably feeling it, (not in a good way),  and most likely have some nagging physical ailment that makes your life miserable.  Cheer up, there is a way around this problem….

In an earlier post I coined a term “Mental Jiu Jitsu”, and it could be the answer to breaking that train of inertia – and extreme reluctance  that is holding you back.

Exercise does not require a lot of time and effort.  You don’t have to sign up for membership in a gym, or invest in expensive equipment.  What is the current recommended daily amount of physical activity?  30 minutes most days of the week?  Even inserting 20 minutes into your day 5-6 times a week will have a great impact.  There are no miracles, but if you currently get zero exercise  you are the one to realize the largest gains from any addition.  The most bang for your buck.  Thats the smart approach.

You can also realize a surprising benefit by weaving it into your workday.  Here is a good example from   

As for my Mental Jiu Jitsu recommendation of the day you might try this tactic.  Take your walking shoes with you to work.  By all means use them at lunch time if possible, but what I want you to do is put them on just before you leave the office for home at night. 

When you do get home this is the mindset you want to cultivate:  “I am still at work.  I have 20 minutes to go.”  Then before you visibly drop your shoulders – and your guard and plunge into the easy chair (or the fridge),  just step out the door and finish the job.   Don’t even think about it, just act.

Is this over simplification and obvious and just not going to work?  Maybe, but the idea is to make it as easy as possible for yourself, to not let the negative side of you dictate your situation.  That 20 minutes will have a dramatic positive effect on all aspects of your life in a very short time.  You know it will.   

Here’s another post from about a year ago that might help you.  Walking   Let me know!

About Warren Dostie

Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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2 Responses to No Time For Exercise? Get Creative!

  1. These are some great ideas…and I love the mental Jiu Jitsu theory!

  2. Great post Warren.
    Studies have shown that if you come home and sit down before you go for a walk or exercise, you are automatically 40% less likely to get back up and do it. The mental state of being home sets in and you just don’t get back up to do anything with the word “work” in it.

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