Free Radicals Come at a Cost…

By now you’ve probably heard of free radicals and and all of the evils they wreak on our bodies, and also the great hope we have with the antioxidants at our disposal.  Do you actually take advantage of these?

Many people don’t bother taking supplements, or directly address their diet with that in mind.  More common is their concern about losing weight or getting in shape.  It’s understandable, these are persuits that can give an immediate and visual impact.  Yet the evidence is out there – free radicals may not strike us down instantly, but they are partly responsible for many if not most of the so called “ravages” we see in aging such as arthritis, skin aging, loss of mental focus.  These are not  “natural occurances”.   They are the result of damage inflicted by our inner and outer environment. 

Imagine how you will look and feel ten years from now.  By taking charge of your diet, exercise and sleeping habits you could almost stop the aging process in its tracks, and look and feel as good as you do now.  The flip side of the coin?  Ten years takes a pretty big significant toll on peoples faces and bodies.  But it doesn’t have to be so.  Here are a few simple changes you can make to be on the positive side. 

  • Take a multivitamin supplement with added vitamin D.  Most multi’s carry all of the traditional vitamin antioxidants – C, E, and the various B vitamins.  Note: if it is high in vitamin A you should add vit D seperately as they can compete.
  • Supplement with the powerful  “mitochondrial antioxidants”  Lipoic acid, coq10 and magnesium.  These are directly involved in energy generation, and thus are right on ground zero for free radical generation as a byproduct.  They are also involved in many other metabolic processes.
  • Make an effort to add foods rich in natural antioxidants – citrus fruits, broccoli, tomatoes, berries of all kinds, etc.  Just stop over a bit longer in that produce section – that is the ” Shangri-La” of antiaging.   Another easy way – add katsup, mustard and other condiments to your entrees and sandwiches.  That simple step really does make them healthier, and it adds up over time.
  • Do not megadose on vitamins however.  A side effect of supersupplementing is that the anitioxidant itself becomes a free radical after it has done its’ job.  As it gives up an electron it becomes volatile- seeking another to replace it.  Heres an example:  taking 1000 iu  or more of vitamin e can lead to “tocopherol induced peroxidation”  where the vitamin itself becomes destructive.  Vitamin C will “recharge” or neutralize it, but it too then becomes a free radical.  Glutathione, your bodies most important anti will donate an electron to vit C, then Alpha lipoic acid will regenerate the glutathione.   Its a vital cycle.  You want to be vigilant, the benefits are considerable.

One last note: people who eat a lot of processed carbs or overcooked meat generate a lot of free radicals.  They also create system wide inflammation – another premature ager.  If you have diabetes or anyother ailment you are also producing excessive free radicals.  Vit C, lipoic acid and glutithione can be your suit of armor in these instances.

To a younger, healthier you  – 

   Warren Dostie


About Warren Dostie

Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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3 Responses to Free Radicals Come at a Cost…

  1. PJ says:

    interesting to hear that adding condiments is a good thing, I had always thought they added sugars and calories when

    • Yes they can, but it’s usually minimal. They nutrients they provide – as a garnish – far outweigh the few calories they add. Most people can find other ways to root out the cals. Thanks for the comment PJ!

  2. I try to add things like amazing grass, too. It has tons of good-for-you stuff inside and a wheat grass base. Aside from that, tons (and I mean TONS) of fruits and veggies bless my plate.

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