Saving Face…….

Imagine for a moment that you had just woken up from a long coma, and had no recollection of your self or your life whatsoever.  You had complete amnesia.  If you looked at your face in a mirror, how old would you guess that stranger to be?  Lets be totally objective.  How does that image hold up to the ages of other people you know?  If you can’t give a favorable answer, don’t feel too bad, because there is a lot you can do to improve and even reverse the damage time has “impressed”  upon you.

We often tend to forget that our skin is an organ, just like any other.  Your skin suffers from assaults from the external environment, many of which (like the sun, and smoke) we can try to minimalize and mitigate with specially selected topical creams and lotions, but whats also important is the internal treatment we can directly apply to it.  It takes an integrated approach of topical lotion application and dietary/lifestyle changes if you want to maximize your youthful appearance.

One thing thats great about a skin health protocol is that many of the nutrients we apply directly to our skin are also ingestible and have an equally beneficial effect when added to our diet.  Also, the general dietary guidelines recommended for other health concerns also benefit a healthy skin.  For example:

 A lot of the puffiness and sagging that sneaks in over the years is the result of inflammation, a factor worsened by excessive glucose and insulin in our meals.  This is caused by inflammatory hormones that can destroy collagen and elastin which are the foundation of our epidermis.  You can directly counter this by the taking of fish oil and other omega 3s such as that in flax and chia.

Collagen is the fabric that holds skin (and bone etc) together.  Our bodies require vitamin C, growth hormone and glycine, etc to manufacture it’s collagen.  Collagen keeps the skin supple and thicker and prevents the sagging from gravity that characterizes an old face.  So you really should add these nutrients to your diet.   Another good way to stimulate growth hormone is through vigorous exercise.   Anaerobic exercise is the most effective here.  You can add your face to the list of reasons to start huffin and puffin…………    And don’t forget to get enough sleep.  This is not only to prevent those familiar bags under the eyes, but it is critical because deep sleep is the time when you recieve your greatest growth hormone secretion.   

In the case of dietary antioxidants to benefit skin, the ones you want to be sure to include are vitamins A, C and E, and also pycnogenol which has shown to provide huge benefits to the skin.  I use them religiously because they are inexpensive and they really do the job.

The same applies for topical skin creams.  Try to find one that includes those antioxidants as well as Coq10 and Lipoic acid.  

Two other ingredients you want to see on that label are hyaluronic acid, and ceramides.   Hyaluronic acid is an important constituent of skin membranes, and also of articular joints and sinovial fluid.  It is another foundational element important to hydration and wound healing of the skin.  Hyaluronic acid breaks down in excessive sunlight, but it can be directly increased through supplementation and topical skin cream application.

Ceramides are compounds found in skin membranes that are important to skin suppleness and also hydration of the skin.  Lotion manufactures have been including ceremides for years, you want to be sure that your own concoction lists them as ingredients.

I hope that you will find these recommendations helpful to your own regimen.  Remember that the way your face appears is as much under your control as is the rest of your body.  Your face is your showcasePut out the best one possible for the world to see!

About Warren Dostie

Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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