Go For The Gold…and the Fun

That little girl just put 280 lbs over her head!  Her body weight @116 lbs.  Ahem…. Thats Zulfina Chinshanlo of Kazakstan.   (Not former worlds strongest man Bill “Kaz” Kazmaier”s daughter, by the way 🙂

Watching the Olympics brought to mind the motivations that spur on the athletes.  Its not all about the gold and the glory.  The sheer competition against others and against themselves is a powerful factor.  It’s also a good source to tap if you want to bring your training to another level.    After all, don’t we all need as much motivational fuel as possible to consistently perform a generally untasteful activity like working out?

I am running in the Cigna 5k road race next week in Manchester NH.  Did it last year too, my first year as a runner.  And I finished waaaaay back in the pack.  To me it was like a slap in the face, or a wake up call.  After all I train like a fanatic (though not running) so I thought I’d blow em all away.   My reaction from last year Cigna 2011

Well I never forgot about that race, all year.  This time it’s gonna be different.

So if you find it hard to drag yourself out the door for a walk or run, or drive to the facility, why not search for races and/or “fun runs” in your area?  They give you goals to shoot for, stimulate excitement about your progress, and another occasion to look forward to.   I know of people who run multiple races every year and train for them.   If it weren’t for these events they wouldn’t work out at all….

Road races are excellent opportunities for you to show off.  They are also great opportunities to socialize, so they are  fun even if you don’t seriously compete.  So get on the bandwagon and start a new hobby!

Here’s the old man with his own  “Olympic  lift”  at the camp.  (It was about half what that little girl lifted….)

About Warren Dostie

Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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