To me this looks like paradise:

Perhaps you prefer something like this:


Whatever your chosen destination, your clearly not going to get there by merely wishing for it, right?  The road to your destination requires planning, execution and a certain level of expenditure.    Above all you can never let go of that vision.   Your goals and destinations are attainable, and if you chart your course right and make consistent progress you’ll arrive before you even know it!

They say life is journey, it is not a destination.  That may be true, but isn’t a journey a series of little destinations?  If you simply embark and set your sails to the wind you will drift to who knows where, so you clearly have to have a true destination in mind.

I think the coiners of this maxim wanted to point out that you shouldn’t have to stop living as you toil to your main life’s goals.  “Smell the roses along the way” so to speak.  Applied to your fitness goals this is very sound advice.  Where I may diverge is to suggest that any side excursions or letups must be clearly planned in advance, so you don’t lose track of the main goal.  It’s not that you can’t take a break now and then, in fact you must, but they should be planned just like everything else.

Heres an interesting way to look at it: 

Lets say you have worked out a feasible fitness program where you plan to reach your goal in nine months.  6 weeks into it you’ve only progressed about 15% of the way – and that can be discouraging!   But if you hang in there another 6 weeks you’re almost one third of the way.and the picture is much brighter…..  Also remember that by this time you will be seeing significant progress, clear tangible rewards for your efforts and you will be building some serious momentum… 

You see time is only your enemy when you don’t work from a plan.  They say there’s a time and place for everything – and you know what place you want to be, right?  Never lose sight of that destination, and stay on that road and you will soon be feelin it!

Here’s and earlier post on that theme

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