Life Changing Events…

                              Heed these words of wisdom from the “All-seeing one”  

(Yes, thats me, having a little fun with the ole Ipad.  lol 🙂

Image for a minute that you had just won the lottery.  The BIG one.  How would it make you feel?  How about if you had just found that perfect mate for yourself, or had just landed the perfect dream job after months of searching.  You’d be on cloud nine right?  These events would literally “shake your world” wouldn’t they?    

Unfortunately, most of these are a bit hard to come by; they are just relegated to “dream time”  and “just imagine if……”   But there is one Life changing event that you have total control over.  And its right there for the taking.

I’m referring to the changes in your body that a new fitness plan can impart.  If you are enjoying excellent physical fitness right now but remember the time when it wasn’t so,  you know what I’m talking about.  It changes your whole outlook on life.

I personally know a guy whom I’ll call “Bill” who has suffered ill health for decades now . I remember him from long before his decline, so it’s a sad thing to see.  He is in his mid eighties now and can barely get around, with help at that,  and though I hate to admit it I was expecting to hear of his passing any day now.

What I found out amazed me.  He started physical therapy and then took it to a higher level and began working out on his own.  Though I haven’t heard from him in a while I hear he is moving around freely and he is excited about the change.  They say he looks and acts years younger!

For people like this it’s almost like a “second time around”.  They are utterly shocked and delighted at their new life and the possibilities they had thought were gone forever.  Going from old, fat, sore, tired and “winding down” to freedom, energy and a great charge of well being is as wonderful a life change as any other you can realize.  But you really have to feel it yourself to know it.

Now everyone knows that “exercise is good for you”.  And the doctors  (the good ones) are all reminding us go “get moving” etc., but I think that for for those who never really experienced excellent physical conditioning, they don’t truly know how much it will change their life.  They may get a taste of it when having some success on a weight loss regimen – dropping 20 or 30 lbs maybe, but that is only a tiny sample of what I’m talking about.  It’s like comparing a wooden park bench to a big puffy easy chair….

Working out is one of the highest reward/effort activities we can possibly do for ourselves.  Though is certainly can be difficult to push ourselves and prevail until the overwhelming benefits drive us forward, there are many good sources for help in this regard.  My “motivation” section is a good place to start.

So heres to your creating your own “life changing event”.  Let me know in 3 or 4 months how much you have been able to transform yourself!

                                        “The most important vitamin for making friends is B1”


About Warren Dostie

Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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