Got Any “Grape Dip?”


Try this little test.  Put out some fruit or vegetables on the table with a bowl of chips for family and friends to grab and munch on.  See for yourself which one disappears faster.  You might find that the surprising answer is the grapes.  So what’s all this talk of a junk food nation?

I think it illustrates that we mostly eat out of habit and convenience.  It’s usually NOT that the junk tastes better, we just eat it because it’s there.  Proximity breeds proclivityWhat usually happens is that people will try a grape on a whim,  find out surprisingly that it tastes great and grab some more.  By comparison the chips can taste very bland, oh and theres that health thing……

But be careful.  Leaving a fruit bowl out with bananas, apples and pears, etc., may backfire because people may not feel particularly hungry enough to tackle all that, they’re just grabbing munchies from habit.  You want to guide that hairy monster of habit, not try to slay him.  

I got this idea from a friend; she used green beans vs chips, and says her kids grab handfuls!  So why not try it?   Heres more on snacking from an earlier post.

Note:  That little statue on the table over the bowls was coincidence.  The slogan kinda fits in a way though  😉


About Warren Dostie

Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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1 Response to Got Any “Grape Dip?”

  1. wartica says:

    Unfortunately, I’ve never been at a party, or social event, where fruit was served next to junk; if I ever do, I will come back anytime there is a party scenario taking place:)

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