Permanently Root Out That Arthritis

                                                      Pretty plain diagnosis

Did you know that Arthritis is both a consequence and a cause of aging?  It’s true – what else can you name that can put such a kibosh on your great new health/fitness plans?  Osteoarthritis alone significantly affects fully 1/3  of people over the age of 65.   (    This disease is painful both physically and mentally; it is progressive, insidious, debilitative, but it is also to an extent unnecessary.

Let me explain.

In the battle with this painful disease you have basically two methods of attack.  You can either kill the pain (mask it) with powerful drugs, or you can address the underlying cause of it.  The common remedies: Aspirin, Aleve, the whole gamut of NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs) are very useful and I highly recommend them, but you should do so sparingly because of the potential side effects of long term use.

If you truly wish to rid yourself of this nagging, debilitating condition you should try to institute a plan to rebuild, to strengthen and to regrow those affected joints.   When you have the proper information it becomes very easy for you to design your own program for doing just that.  I have listed here the hottest supplements for joint repair; together with a modest walking or other fitness regimen they can put you on a true course to pain free living.

First thing on your agenda should be to head to the local health food store or supermarket and pick up a few readily available supplements.  These listed are not expensive at all and are also very easy for you to swallow.  Keep in mind that even if you are a younger, athletic person without arthritis, you don’t want to pass these up because they can help to stave off the disease’s early development.  The also provide a whole slew of added benefits.  Here is a list of the more effective ones:

        1)  Glucosamine and Chondroitin.  These popular supplements form the building blocks of the cartilage – the Proteoglycans and Glycosaminoglycans.  Along with collagen, proteoglycans form the structural support of the joint.  The glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) hold water which gives the joint its shock absorbing effect.  Though the body produces these naturally from food sources, like everything else the process declines with aging.  Oral supplementation has been shown to be a partial solution.

        2)  Hyaluronic acid.  This is the primary polymer compound found in the sinovial fluid, the lubricating fluid that surrounds the joint inside the “joint cartridge”.  Oral supplementation has shown a beneficial effect.  In one randomized, placebo controlled study, scientists administered 80 mg of orally ingested hyaluronic acid or a placebo to 20 patients with osteo-arthritis of the knee.  After 8 weeks the ones who had taken the supplement recorded a 33% improvement in their pain scores, as opposed to only 6% in the placebo group.  (: Nutr J, January 21, 2008;7:3.)

        3)  MSM and Keratin.  MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane) and Keratin are both important sources of sulfur which supports many different functions in the body.  The sulfur molecules bind tightly together, and this structure contributes greatly to joint strength and substance.  MSM can be a great pain reliever for strength athletes also.  According to Stanley W. Jacob, of the Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland, Or. MSM, when taken as a supplement exerts potent anti-inflammatory activity, stops post workout pain impulses and muscle spasm, and improves blood supply.  It is also very inexpensive and completely safe.

        4)  Omega III’s.  The beneficial effects of Fish oil, ALA and other omega III fatty acids are highly documented and well covered on this website.  (heres one spot)  Any supplement plan should begin with this essential element.  A big role for Omega III is its ability to reduce inflammation and the inhibition of joint destructive cytokines like TNFa and IL 1b.   Fish and Krill oil may also provide a synergistic effect when used with Glucosamine and hyaluronic acid.  

        5)  Nettle leaf, Circumin and Boswellia.  Circumin is a spice with a boatload of health benefits.  A profound one is its ability to shut down the foredescribed cytokines and thus inhibit inflammation and joint destruction.  Boswellia and Nettle leaf are other herbs that do the same thing.  Nettle also has a beneficial effect upon testosterone.  All three are inexpensive and easy to pop or to throw on food.

Why not head down to the store today and get started on some rehabilitation?   As mentioned you should start a program of physical exercise if you want serious results.  The intensity is not so important, you just have to get flexing and moving.  Because of the fact that the joints do not have blood vessels supplying them you must work these nutrients in to get the full effect.  Another reason to start walking.

Heres to your success and an end to all that suffering!

About Warren Dostie

Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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