“Old-Years” Resolutions….


The holidays are right around the corner, why not try something a bit different this year?  Many of us make those grand resolutions at the start of the New Year, only to see them “phase out” around the beginning of February.  So much for the big plans, it seems they were doomed from the start.  Why not get a head start and give yourself a real chance to succeed?  Here’s why it just might work.

In this modern world we always seem to demand instant results, instant gratification.  This is probably why we get drawn like magnets to those new “miracle plans” out there.  Unfortunately if we don’t see the changes immediately we make the snap judgement that it’s all a waste of time and start looking for something else.

I’m often the recipient of this quick judgement – a lot of the supplements that I suggest require a great deal of time to work, which is because they usually promote general health from within, as opposed to a bandaid or a quick pain killer.  The frequent response I get?  “I tried Coq-10 and it didn’t do a thing for me.”  Or “I tried exercise and I didn’t lose weight.”  I wonder: how can you “try” exercise?  I’ts a lifestyle change.  It must be done long term, at the very least you have to continue it for a few months to sense a major change.

The point is that all truly benefitial protocols require a bit of time to work and you may not even see “any” specific change that you were looking for, you just kinda notice that you’ve been feeling really good lately…..

Anyway my topic was resolutions so heres my proposal:  It’s a well known fact that most habits require about 3 weeks to begin to take hold, that’s about how much time we have till the New Year.  Why not sit down tonight and make a resolution that you’ve been pondering for the Holiday, and start it tomorrow?  You should get yourself some post-it notes and write out your goal or resolution on a handful of them, and stick one on the fridge, the bathroom mirror, your dash board, by the bedroom table, etc.  You want your goal “in front of your face”  as much as possible to create that obsession.  In addition to that, take another piece of paper and write out a heartfelt, solemn list of the reasons why this goal is so important to you, also a statement at the end that says in effect:  This is more important to me than____, and ____, and I am determined to see it out till I reach and can enjoy my _______.   (Keep this one in your wallet or pocketbook so you can grab it when necessary.)

Many advisors tell you to keep a vision and a picture of your objective in front of you at all times.  Whenever you are presented with a challenge you also have to make a choice.  Unfortunately when we’re on the spot we often can’t think of why we should act right, we are only thinking about the object of the urge.  So give yourself some ammunition to help yourself  make the right choices.   And give yourself three weeks of dedication before that big party night.  Solemn choices and strategies like this carry a heck of a lot more weight than slurred, pompous chants while standing on a chair at your friends house!  🙂    (I’ve never done that myself of course)

About Warren Dostie

Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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