Common Cold? Common means Easy


                                                         (the alternative)

     Well folks, as promised yesterday I have brought for you – just in time for the Holiday season –  the cure for the common cold (and flu).   It’s true.  Whenever you feel the signs of one approaching, if you follow my protocol you can make that cold disappear like the morning mist on a sunny day.

First I’d like to preface this a bit by stating that never in my life have I gotten a flu shot.  Don’t get me wrong, for many people that may be a smart thing to do, but I personally don’t see a need for them.  I have not had a cold or flu since the 1990’s.  I actually discovered this “cure” (and it must be one if it works every time right?)  pretty much by accident, back in the day when I was just trying to increase the effectiveness of my workout training.

The recommended treatment is this:  I want you to go to your local supermarket and pick up some whey protein – any flavor will do, and also some zinc lozenges.  You can find these in the health or pharmacy sections.  Do it tomorrow, or better yet today.   You want to have these on the shelf, on alert and ready for when the enemy shows its ugly head.  Please don’t take this lightly.  You know you’ve got at least one or two colds in the offing for the long winter don’t you?  Well why not make it different this year?

The protocol will work.  The science backing it is solid.  Whey protein is well documented to raise the body’s level of Glutathione, the primary antioxidant and “sniper” of the immune system.  It also contains ample Glutamine which feeds that system.  It also has immunoglobulin, lactoferrin, cysteine and lysine which are all antiviral and antibacterial.  A recent study showed that it enhances the effectiveness of Neutraphils, cells that engulf and destroy harmfull germs. (see “studies” page).  Whey protein works and if you use it at the first sign of a cold you will knock it right out the door within a day or so.

The other component of my remedy is Zinc, a mineral that is critical to the immune system (among many other functions).  Zinc comes in many prepared lozenges with various flavors and other ingredients.  Studies have repeatedly shown that it can shorten the duration of a cold.  Why not yours?

How to administer the protocol:  Very simple and painless.  At the first sign of a cold: that familiar sore or scratchy throat, sneezing or sniffles, etc., pour yourself a generous whey protein shake.  Just mix a scoop with milk or water.  Then have another in the evening before bed.  Repeat in the morning.  Actually, the more whey you consume the better as you are feeding and rearming the troops for that battle they are waging.  As for the Zinc, have it mid morning and then late in the afternoon.  Don’t take it with milk or other source of calcium, (in other words not together with the whey) as other minerals inhibit the absorption.

Go ahead and take my challenge.  Invest about $20 and put these items in your cupboard.  If and when you feel that cold or flu approaching, take your medicine.  You’ll find that you’ve interestingly gone a whole winter without any sign of those old nuisances, and you can thank ole “doctor” Warren for it!

About Warren Dostie

Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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