Healthy Resolutions you can Keep

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The Holidays have arrived and that  “last evening”  is right around the corner, I’ll bet many of you have some new resolutions to enact after that jovial fest.   I certainly do –  this is the year I slash my carb consumption in half.  I’ll know by Feb if it’ll be a success!

As my last post of the year I have here  a few simple ideas to supplement your resolutions which are easy to implement and can have a significant long term effect on your rate of aging and your overall health.   The keyword here is simple, I want to impart something that will last….. 

            1)  Cook your food at a slightly lower temperature.  Believe it or not this can have a significant benefit over time.  Cooking at temperatures above 300 degrees transforms food in a harmful way, creating such destructive chemicals as HCAs (heterocyclic amines) Nitrosamines, and aldehydes;  it also drastically increases the formation of AGEs (advanced glycated end products).  The acronym is chosen well, glycation accelerates many factors of aging.  Yet simply lowering that baking temperature below 290 can inhibit these.  You can also slow these “glycotoxins” by marinating with lemon juice, olive oil or possibly dry wine.  For more information on glycation see this earlier post.  By the way there is even some evidence to show that cooking at lower temperatures can possibly aid in weight loss.  (see “studies” page)

            2)  Add protective foods to your meals.  Cruciferous foods such as broccoli, kale and cauliflower are high in I3c (indole 3 carbinol) which protects DNA from these harmful chemicals and also supports liver detoxification processes.  You might try chopping up a bag of them in advance to throw on that dinner plate during the week.  It doesn’t take a large serving for that protective insurance.  Having that cup of coffee after a big meal is also a very good idea.  Coffee is loaded with antioxidants – more than any other food in fact, and it can also stabilize your blood sugar spikes that invariably occur.  Coffee is a very misunderstood beverage.  It promotes a whole litany of health benefits;  I’ve posted on this many times.   (See my diet category to the right.)  Apples, onions, grapes, fish, nuts and berries are all what I call primal foods, they can all provide antiaging, pain reduction and disease prevention benefits.  They all taste good too so keep them at the ready!

            3)  Strive to limit the size of your meals.  Again this is a well known goal, but there are many strategies to aid in your attempts.  Eating smaller portions is largely just a matter of habit, you really can become accustomed to eating less and also feeling satisfied.   Still it may take a little bit of indoctrinization, so I’ve posted some clever ideas to help you. Here and here, etc.   Dedicate a few weeks to creating some simple life enhancing habits.

            4)  Pop a few specific superstar supplements every morning.   These provide myraid health benefits: antioxidant, anticancer, antiinflammation, weight reduction, and on and on.  They are very safe to take and are also quite inexpensive.  In addidtion to the ones pictured at the bottom of this page, you can also look up resveratrol, circumin (available in a spice – turmeric), magnesium and calcium, etc.    They all have a synergistic reaction with the healthy foods listed above.   Also you don’t want to forget that bonafide miracle pill – aspirin.  A daily low-dose aspirin has well documented cardiovascular benefits and can drastically reduce your chances of contracting at least six different types of cancer.  I’d say thats a pretty good package.  What do you know that can provide so much bang for your buck?   So just pop em and swallow em.  They will guide you to the land of good health and happiness.  What could be easier?

Hope you all have a very happy and safe New Year.  Tip one for me!




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