Resolutions into Reality

New day..

“It’s a brand new year and I’m so frikin excited I could explode!”   As a motivator I love to hear words like that.  Why?  Because for one thing they are true.   And truth is great.  But stepping down to reality – the place we humans usually reside, I want to show you how to back up the words.  Like they say anything is possible if you put your mind to it, but you must also put your hands to the task.   Heres the way to do it.

First off, what exactly is your goal?  What is your resolution?  You aught to put it in writing because like they say – you cannot hit a target you don’t even see.  But if you’ve done all that and you’ve even made good stabs at setting up an agenda for making it happen, there’s another thing you probably want to know.

Attitude is the second most important principle for success.  Don’t get me wrong, the chanters are right, it’s critical to always be positive and upbeat, but just putting yourself in that frame of mind,  like any other overt proactive expression is itself an act of asserting control over your self.   Control may sound like such a “downer” term, but it is in fact positive if the one in charge is you.  Nothing happens without overt action.  Actions follow impulses and you want to be sure they are the right ones.  Furthermore, there is no greater promoter of a positive attitude than the acquired habit of consistently being in control of yourself.  YOU calling the shots in your own life.  The most powerful vehicle on the planet must still have it’s wheels on the ground.  Energy is useless till it meets and affects matter.

Ok, now lets dive back into the real world.  How can the attitude/action principle help you to lose weight per se?  How can we make it all very simple as I promised?  It’s all about dieting smart, as opposed to hard.  Start from scratch.  Select a few simple changes – one scoop of ice cream instead of three, one adequate serving instead of seconds, (and thirds).  Keeping apples around the house instead of chips.  And tacking on a lousy fifteen minutes to your workday to go for a small walk when you get home and then relaxing.  If you can continue these or other simple changes for a few months they have a chance of becoming lifestyle changes and will gradually mold you into the shape and figure you desire.  Forget the big grand pronouncements of “starving myself down or going on that hard core killer workout.  You’ll probably drop em in weeks.

Last thing:  Forget about striving for that perfect body you see on the tube.  Thats not you.  Your body has its own ideal that it secretively wants to return to, and chances are that one looks pretty good.  If you institute a few changes and then build on them gradually you will be well on the way to having the body you deserve.  And it will look even better because it reflect the unique person that is you.    Go for it!

Thanx, and Happy New Year.

Warren Dostiewarrendostie

About Warren Dostie

Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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