Truth in Daily Living

All-seeing one

      “Early to bed and early to rise, and don’t you forget to exercise 

        Eat lots of fruit vegetables too, and some low fat meat is good for you.

        Limit the starches, you know what they say, They’ll  “fill out”  your waistline” 

        given a day.  It’s all about balance, ole Ben got it right, soon that body you’ll be

        sportin’ will be “out of sight!”

     Actually, I think Ben Franklin didn’t have to elaborate so much on healthy habits, as America’s founding fathers were pretty much forced by nature to live a healthy lifestyle.  They were very close to that “paleo” diet we’re hearing about.  Very little processed food – I don’t think they had much of a problem with potato chips or soda!  And working out in the fields all day certainly met their exercise needs.  Perhaps they didn’t live as long as us because of diseases we can routinely cure today, but they certainly must have experienced pretty robust good health while they were around.  Definitely something to emulate, in my opinion.

C ya



About Warren Dostie

Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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