Think and “Shrink”. Thinness is a mind game

imb0290621 (2)Is it all in the Jeans, or is it all in the mind?  Where is the true battle ground in weight loss and fitness?

It has been frequently stated in the weight loss circles that your body has a certain “set point” that is strives to maintain, and this phenomenon is one of the causes of “yo-yo” dieting, plateaus and a simple inability to dump the pounds.  Is this really so?  I think it is – but maybe there is a way we can turn it to our advantage instead?

Just as in its physiological twin, we have a set point of self image of our body’s configuration lurking in our minds.  It might not be the one we want, but it’s there nonetheless.   But who said that it is immutable?  Many health advocates recommend hanging up a picture of an athlete or model to motivate yourself.  This is something you really want to try.  In addition to giving yourself a goal to aspire to it can also be used to change the inner perception of your personal physical identification.   Think about it for a minute.  Though your immediate conception of yourself may be of a fat, slow sluggish person, it you put yourself through a diet/fitness program you will alter that body, and the fat, slow image you maintain will therefore be an incorrect one right?   Well, if that is so, why not change the image first?  Begin your workout/diet plan, and live as though that picture is already you.  You might find that as you begin to feel more energetic, lighter and more mobile you will improve your self image and then possibly live the part,  changing your habits, your lifestyle, and the things you are capable of doing.   The physical set point you are battling will likely follow suit and slowly begin to erode just as the pounds melt off.

But you will have to exert a little bit of consistency over a period of time for this to happen of course.

Heres an idea for you.  Picture a huge heavy metal ball laying on the ground.  You desire to roll it across the lawn.  A full 90% of your effort will be to get the thing started, but you will find that as it gains momentum it only requires a few little taps to keep it in motion.   This is simply the laws of inertia and momentum.  Your physical lifestyle habits operate the same way.  Give yourself a chance and see it happen.

I have a bunch of “sneaky little mind tactics” you can try in some of my earlier posts here: Motivation.     Hope they help you out!

About Warren Dostie

Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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