Co Q10 – The “Youth Pill”

By now everyone’s heard of  this substance, I will explain why it’s one you really want to add to your supplement plan.  Calling it the “youth pill”  might not even do it justice.  Consider these facts:

Your body’s energy source – the “giver of life”, the thing that separates us from a stone is a substance called ATP.    ATP – adenosine triphosphate, is a chemical with high energy bonds in it’s phosphate chain.  When one phosphate is broken off energy is released, which is the propellant of everything from muscle contraction, digestion and immune system function, to even thinking and using our eyes, ears and the other sensors.  The formation of ATP is the goal of the foods that we eat, it is the way we avail ourselves of its energies in them.  So I’d say it’s pretty important.

There are various pathways our bodies take to manufacturing ATP.  The main one – the electron transport chain or ETC  requires CoQ as a “carrier of hydrogen ions”  to drive the proton pumps that make the ATP.  This takes place in the membranes of the mitochondria of the cell, often referred to as the cellular “furnaces” or “powerhouses”.

There are other substances required by the mitochondria for this process:  like cytochrome and of course oxygen.   We can make our own Coq for this process, but like anything else it unfortunately declines significantly with aging.   And so we have one of the reasons for that noticeable drop in energy as we get older.  But therein is implied an easy solution.

Simply supplement the stuff.  When you consider some of the other benefits of this amazing, critical substance, taking it is a no-braner.

  1. Coq is a powerful antioxidant, it’s presence in the membrane of the mitochondria diffuses free radicals right were they are most produced.  It’s right on the front lines.
  2. Coq protects the brain.  Glial cells (cells that perform upkeep for neurons)  require ATP to do the job.
  3. Coq travels in the bloodstream (also the lymph system) attached to LDL cholesterol; it thus may help to prevent LDL oxidation, the real danger of bad cholesterol.
  4. It recycles tocopherols (Vit E) after vit E has donated an electron to quench free radicals.  Too much Vit E can become toxic itself, a process called “tocopherol mediated peroxidation.  So it must be neutralized.
  5. Coq10 protects the heart.  This is a critical supplement for those taking statins for high cholesterol.  Nearly every doctor prescribing them now includes CoQ10, because the enzyme that forms cholesterol also manufacturers your Coq, and the statin will inhibit both.  Your heart requires a great deal of ATP.  Diminishing heart energy is the last thing a cardiac patient wants to do.

Incidentally, did you know that aging hearts actually have a tougher time relaxing between beats than they do in pumping blood strongly?  Coq helps the heart to relax.   Nuff said?

So anybody experiencing a decline in energy, taking a statin, or wishing to maintain youthful health and vitality really cannot afford to miss this nutrient.  It’s benefits are so fundamental and encompassing.  I would recommend 50 or 100 mg of coq10 to be taken in the morning and evening.  Take it with food, particularly fat – like that fish oil supplement –  as it is a fat soluble substance.  Your health is in your hands.



About Warren Dostie

Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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