Exercise Motivation Tips


Name yer poison.

Either of these options will provide pleasure for you – though in a different way of course! I happen to be a strong advocate of both of these. I think there’s nothing better than a cold beer after a hard workout. (After my whey shake of course).
But if you have difficulty motivating yourself for the first part of this equation, here are some ideas to hopefully “ramp up” the enthusiasm.
Do you ever hear yourself uttering these words: “Yes, yes, yes, I know I have to exercise, and I will  –  tomorrow. ”   That must be one of the most common phrases in the world I think, and we’re all guilty of it at one time or other.

But unfortunately for us, the tomorrows add up mighty fast, and pretty soon you reach Summer or whatever other deadline you’ve selected –  unable to bask in your success, and wasting yet another year,  that is  unless you can lick that motivation thing.   Lets take a look at how to accomplish that.

Just like in the undertaking of any other project, a workout plan requires goal setting, planning, and execution.  Each one of these factors has myriad psychological implications, and in a positive light these can open doors for successful accomplishment.  How to apply it?  Very simple.

Goal setting is obvious, you want to lose x amount of weight, or generate x amount of added energy, etc.   Though these are respectable aspirations, they are so lame!    Why do you want to lose the weight?  To look and feel young, strong, sexy and vital?  Why not get a visual aid to help your motivation?  Put up a picture somewhere of someone you want to look like.  (cut off the face if you want! 🙂  Goals work best if they stimulate emotions.  Excitement and visualization are the greatest prods to action.     Another example – if you want to quit smoking per se, find a picture of a sickly disgusting diseased lung and post it where you happen to stand when you usually light up.  That is creating an effect!

Planning your workouts just like your diet means setting up a workable schedule and writing it down.  Circle dates on the calendar.  A vague “hmm, I think I’ll just start doing it every other day or so…” is useless.  You need it in your date book, or with a beep from your phone scheduler.  You need that build-up to the scheduled day.  You have to build up it’s importance.

Execution is simple if you remember these facts:  One – The hardest part of a workout is the start.  You should make every effort to play up the rewards of the action, but downplay the effort required.  What does this mean?   If you are having trouble motivating yourself, you are doing just the opposite.    So get your mind in the right place.  Your workout is quick and simple.  You will be done in no time.  You will be very glad you did it when you’re finished.   You know that.  So just suck it up and start.

By the way, every time you exert a bit of control over yourself it gets a little easier the next time.  That’s a fact of nature.  Furthermore after a mere few weeks your program will become a habit, and they you will really take off!  By then you will be seeing concrete results too.  That image is getting closer and closer……     That’s what I call hard core reinforcement.

Being smart means getting yourself in your own corner.  I hope these little tips can make a difference for you.


About Warren Dostie

Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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