“Death be Not Proud” – From the Antiaging Perspective.

Waxing in a philosophical mood, I thought I should “work up a shine” on the motivation behind this blog and the anti-aging drive in general. I’ve got a few interesting points for you to consider:

Why does a fruit fly live for only a few months, a dog a decade or so, a human 80-90 years and a tree for hundreds? I think I know the answer. It makes all the logical sense, and is being bourne out in scientific laboratories daily. It is because mother nature cares only about the propogation of the gene line. It is all about survival of the species in a dynamic changing environment. Now “changing” is the keyword here, and it explains death quite nicely. Consider:
In the vast gene pool of a species, mutations that have an advantage of some sort have a better chance of surviving the hostile world, but these individual traits cannot be passed on, they will merely be diluted in a world if other individuals don’t die out to make room. Their advantage cannot be “expressed”.

Second, in order for the gene to propogate the parent of the progeny must give the infant a fighting chance in the world, so mother nature has designated a particular necessary lifespan to the species to enable this “training period”. Most of this is textbook stuff, with a bit of conjecture thrown in,

BUT – some species have evolved particular traits that throw peoples general perceptions right out of whack. This demands an accounting, and some serious review of what many of us believe. I also think it is the underlying motive for the so called antiaging movement. To explain let me ask another question:
Do you harbor the belief that “all things must pass” or “Life and death have a natural cycle”, or “The only certain things are death and taxes?” How would you feel about this statement: Death is not a certain thing. Some living things never die. (unless they are killed). Some species are or are in effect immortal. All things do not die. Now this is not an opinion, but a fact.

In light of the fact that humans live for about 80 years or so, how long does something have to live to be considered relatively or pretty much immortal? Thousands of years? Some species of tree live for exactly that. There are bristlecone pines alive today that were saplings when the pyramids were built. Not enough time? There is a specie of fungus – one living in the Midwest that scientists say is about 25,000 years old! But if that still cannot be considered “immortal” (though I think it begs the point) understand that there are many species that actually are immortal. Bacteria will technically live forever – if not killed. They go on dividing and dividing never to stop… And there is actually a type of jellyfish that when it gets old it doesn’t die, instead it reverts back to an infant stage and starts the cycle over again! Kind of interesting, aint it?

What is the underlying point behind my long painful harangue? It is that there is simply a physical cellular, chemical or environmental factor influencing life spans, and I feel as do many that with a firm understanding of it we will eventually be able to alter and control it, and we are getting closer every single day. The discoveries that I and other antiaging advocates speak about dance around the issue and do cause adjuvant influence on the factor, and also give us a chance to possibly be around when the next revolution takes place. The antiaging movement is merely an expression of the natural drive for life. The limits we select through “convention” are not “morally true” any more than it is morally right to sit back and allow a child to die from an illness because nature always planned it that way. We should not belittle the human spirit for life and survival. It breeds great things for all!

To sum up, at the very least we have a clear ability to better our lives with these protocols we have even today. My motive behind this blog is to try to bring em to you in a way you can digest and apply for yourselves. I hope you get value from what I present.

About Warren Dostie

Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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