Arthritis Pain – A Thing of the Past.


Let’s say you’re an aging athlete like myself (57 years of age). You religiously continue to follow your workout plans, but lately, because of persistent, nagging foot and knee pain you have considered scaling back and “joining the ranks of the aged.” Not a very happy scenario, is it?
But wait – I just experienced one of those WOW moments! I found a pain killing supplement that completely shut down the problem like a gallon of water thrown on a candle! I still cannot believe the results. If you are suffering from low grade arthritis (osteo or rheumatoid) you really don’t want to pass this one up. It really does the job.
The product is called Arthromax, put out by the Life Extension Foundation. The key ingredients are glucosamine, Apreflex (a proprietary boswellia extract), Boron, and UC-11, a cartilage derived from chicken sternums. With the exception of the last one, these are supplements that I’ve tried repeatedly with limited success. As I said, they did little to stop the downward spiral that had now precluded me from competing as hard as I’d like. But it’s a different story now. I’ve been using Arthromax for about two weeks and have experienced no pain whatsoever, even though deliberately going all out to put it through the test.
What is UC-11? It is undenatured chicken cartilage, a substance that possesses some unique properties, most notably the ability to modulate and inhibit an overreactive immune system response to vigorous exercise. This overreaction, which in effect constitutes an attack on your joints occurs because in moderate to intense physical activity the smooth cartilage surface is worn away temporarily, exposing collagen – the tough connective tissue, and the immune system cells recognize this as a foreign substance, unleashing the joint destructive inflammatory cytokines and sensitized killer T cells. Rather than the productive “micro-tears” of muscle tissue resulting from a beneficial workout, these are cumulative and painfully inhibitive. In other words, they literally eat away your shock absorbing cartilage. It’s a pretty painful and disturbing outcome for someone trying to improve their health!
Arthromax also contains a healthy dose of glucosamine – that nutrient necessary for rebuilding joints that already have sustained a bit of wear. The boswellia extract “ApresFlex” inhibits 5-lipoxygenase, which leads to the formation of other inflammatory leukotrienes and interleukins. Their proprietary form is suppose to be up to 50% more absorbable than other boswellia supplements I’ve found. I won’t argue, as I’ve said – the results speak for themselves!
So don’t give up on your competitive desires, don’t throw in the towel in your battle with aging. Performing beneficial physical exercise should not be a painful ordeal. I found out that for myself. If you’re in the same boat, why not give Arthromax a try? It can be found in many health shops; it is a bit pricey at @$30 per bottle, but you could join the Life Extension Foundation and get good discounts on it and many other products, like me. 🙂



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Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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  1. I believe in the power of painkillers, yes, I really do. I was once a pain reliever dependent. However, I got tired of taking those capsules and have decided to look for something that could really get me out of my joints problems. I considered physical therapy, chiropractic care, and acupuncture, but nothing happened. The level of pain stayed the same, so I went to an orthopedic surgeon (he’s name is Dr Joseph Purita), and he evaluated my knees’ joints condition. He told me that I needed to undergo stem cell treatment for 6 weeks, which I agreed. The therapy went fine, my knees were swollen every after treatment, particularly during my last session, but it went pretty well few days after that. The doctor said it may take 3 months or more for me to get the beneficial effects of stem cell treatment, yet my knees went back to normal just 4 weeks after my last treatment session. Again, painkillers are good, particularly to those whose conditions are not that serious, but of course, it is not good to depend to them forever.

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