Fitness is Within Your Grasp…


My ten year old rottie-mix doesn’t have the puppy spunk that he once had, so I had to be a little  creative in getting him up off his haunches for exercise.  Rather than having him watch placidly as I threw a stick,  I took some pieces of turkey instead and tossed them far across the yard.  Riley immediately sprang into action, almost knocking me over and then streaked across the grass at a pace that would make a greyhound jealous.  He was on a mission.  I proceeded to throw the next one in the opposite direction and he swooped like a hawk that way too.   This went on for a couple minutes then I gave him a break and fed him the rest out of my hand.  I knew that the old fool would have killed himself on that lawn if the food didn’t run out…..

What will it take to motivate you to go for that run?  Perhaps you also need some creative incentives like this maybe?

paper carrot on stick2

I swear I could have outrun Riley on that day.

I think everybody knows the importance of putting in that daily 30 or 40 minutes on the trail or in the gym.  The benefits are undeniable and actually critical to our full enjoyment of life.  Yeah we know all about it.  The trick is to actually get it done.  So motivation really becomes the most important factor doesn’t it?

I’ve posted many times on this subject, always trying to help people to defeat that big hairy devil called procrastination, you can see examples here, or here.   I thought up a new one recently that I’d like to call shock treatment.   This one is a bit off the wall, but it would probably work if you took it to heart, or simply gave it a try for the hell of it.  It goes like this:

Find someone you fully trust (excluding your spouse), and give them a check for $2000 dollars.  Now designate a tree down the trail through the woods about 1 mile away from your house and have your selected friend tack a $50 bill to it every day after work till it runs out.  This represents the return of the money you lent him.  Instruct him to take the bill back and keep that one (no exceptions) if you yourself neglect to walk to the tree to recover it.  (Of course you don’t want any kids to witness this, and you want the tree in an area innacessible for automobiles or bikes, the goal is the 2 mile walk.)

Would you walk 2 miles for a fifty?  In 40 days you’d probably be looking alright wouldn’t you?  Go for it!

Just an idea.  🙂


About Warren Dostie

Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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