Jet Fuel for your Workouts


Here is a pre workout concoction that will supercharge your workout sessions.   You will find it so effective you will wish you discovered it years ago!  (That was my reaction, anyway)   This blend  will increase your strength, delay your workout fatigue, decrease your post exercise soreness and also speed up your recovery.  Sound pretty good?  You’ll find that the ingredients in this cup are all very well established in research and in clubs all over.  If you’ve reached one of those dreaded plateaus or you’re just want an added edge in the iron battles, why not give it a try?

30-40 minutes prior to your workout session, pour yourself a tall mug of coffee.  In place of your usual cream, put in a tablespoon of vanilla whey protein powder instead.  Skip the sugar and stir in 3-5 grams of D-Ribose.  These will provide a sweetening effect, if you desire it.    Top it off the cup with @400 mg of Beta-alanine.  (The pros are smiling!)

As many of you well know, whey protein is high in branch-chain amino acids.  These provide energy directly to the muscles.  It gets right to ground zero and makes things happen.  Did you also know that BCAAs might potentially stimulate the development of new mitochondria?  This is very important from an anti-aging perspective.  Along with PQQ it is one of the few chemicals that can do so.  I therefore consider it an effective age reducer.

The Ribose in that mug is a pentose sugar which is  an essential component of ATP, along with adenine and phosphates.  Once again you need all the ATP that you can muster.  D-Ribose is one of the most effective ways to ensure high levels of it.  The more ATP the greater the strength and energy.  It’s pretty simple.

Beta-alanine  (along with histidine) is a component of the amino carnosine.  Carnosine is very important for reasons beyond workout efficiency.  For one thing, it is the best know way to prevent glycation, a hallmark of aging which I’ve posted often on.  Carnosine is also very protective of your brain.

Raising the levels of carnosine in your muscles is an important goal to strive for, as it can delay that acid induced fatigue and burning sensation,  prolonging your muscle exertion and strength.  To even see greater effect you might -stack your beta-alanine with it’s sister amino – anserine. These can provide a synergistic effect.

But let’s not forget the coffee itself!  The caffeine in coffee has been shown in studies to also enable increased muscular exertion.  It is also very high in antioxidants, something  in very much in demand by the body when oxygen is in high usage – ala exercise.

So if you put these all together in a convenient – and tasty medium like good ole java, you are martialing all of the major proven forces for a more productive workout.  Seems like a no-brainer, right?

A few last added tips:

You don’t want to overwhelm the drink with any of these ingredients, although they are perfectly safe.  Beta-alanine in doses over 800 mg may produce a “pins and needles” or flushing effect.  This might take a bit of getting used to.  If you supplement frequently with it along with creatine, etc, be sure to add a little taurine to your regimen.  (they can compete)

Next week – the perfect post-workout drink.

See ya here!



About Warren Dostie

Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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3 Responses to Jet Fuel for your Workouts

  1. chistanote says:

    Hi, would you please explain more about these three components? I mean a list of three, and if i can find them by other brands.

    • Hi Chista, thank you for the comment!
      These three additives can address energy, workout duration and muscle recovery after workouts. I have written much about whey, it is well know as a bodybuilding and general health supplement. Try this post for info:
      Ribose is a basic part of ATP which is the chemical involved in all of the body’s energy utilization. As for beta-alanine, it is a component of protein that raises levels of carnosine another amino acid. Taking carnosine directly is recommended – it has huge health implications. Brain health, muscular development, etc. They are all available in health stores, I’ve been taking them for years now! I will post more about them in the near future.
      thanks again!

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