Workout Multitasking part 2 – HIIT

tough trail

Tough trail

Crossfit is a great work out program, I think their routine (and concept) is about the most challenging I’ve encountered to date. It centers around the principle of high intensity interval training or HIIT, which has shown to be more effective than aerobics and other traditional methods for burning fat, and as for overall physical condition, there is no comparison. (Apologies to aerobic crowd, running and other forms of “cardio” should be a part of everybody’s program.) What I truly love about Crossfit and others of it’s ilk is that your workout is truly up to your imagination – anything goes!   Here’s just a few ideas to try if you really want to bust through those plateaus or cut that body into something fierce.

*  Alternate 20 “jumping jacks” with 20 pushups over and over till you puke (just kidding).  I can currently do 3 cycles, but only 10 pushups on the 3rd.

*  Alternate 5 “snatches” (floor to overhead – I use 90-100lbs for this) with a barbell , with 5 chin-ups.  Some people advocate more chin-ups, but I like the longer cycles vs the higher reps.  (I can only do 15 chin-ups anyway!)  If you can do  3 full cycles you’re a contender.  5 and you’re a phenom.

*  Take it outdoors and design something like my own pictured above.  I run a 1/4 mile course through the woods (and up a big hill) carrying 30lb dumbells.  Halfway thru I pause and do 10 snatches with the weights.  Then run the rest of the course carrying them.   Its a killer.

Don’t worry if you require a bit of rest when doing these routines.  Be sure to keep it short – 20-30 seconds to catch your breath.  Get right back into it and go as far as you can.  You’ll note that on these above that I personally use, the exercises use opposing muscles.  This aids in shaking out lactic acid, and ensures that all muscles are used in the routine.  What I love about it is that you see rapid progress.  I used to have to stop for almost a minute in my little run before doing the snatch with the dumbbell, now just two weeks later I can rush right thru the whole thing!

Cross-training like this is a way to complete body fitness.  You’ll become a true athlete in the process and your body will vividly display the results.  So next time you are plodding through that workout, create a few combinations of your own and use them for a while. It’s a sure way to ramp up your progress and eliminate some boredom too.


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Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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