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rockingham rec trail 2

Wherever you may be, the perfect trail for your run or bike ride is probably just around the corner.  I recently discovered the huge network of “rails to trails” biking and snowmobile paths, and what a find it was!   As far as I’m concerned they could have charged me for admission!

Since the 1960’s, with the environmental movement and the lessened demand for rail transportation there has been a trend to converting these old unused railroad runs to recreational use.  Snowmobilers and mountain bikers have utilized them all along, and now the local communities have begun programs to upgrade them for general popular use.  The convenience and local scenery can be pretty impressive:

rock rec trail marsh

I take my training seriously.   This is the perfect solution for me.  I hate running on pavement because it bothers my feet; I also hate dodging all the traffic – but I love nature.  You can find 1/4, half mile or full mile long stretches to time yourself. There are also many bisecting roads that break up the route into your exactly desired length, and all the while you are cruising along in the beautiful wild-side.    Check it out.  You might be surprised to find that there’s one just through the trees or up the road from your house.  I did.   Heres a link to find them for those in the US:

The trail beckons you…..

rock rec trail 4 (2)

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