Detox Charlatans – Don’t Fall For the Miracle Pitch

detox cleanse

In certain health spas, and promoted by so-called health experts is the miracle program of “cleansing and detoxification”.  If you are contemplating it yourself, understand that this is a potentially risky undertaking, and the benefits to be gained by it are few if any.  To keep it in perspective remember this fact:  Elliminating toxins is an ongoing process, just like dieting itself.  Though you can gradually rid yourself of these, like losing weight it takes time and really requires some lifestyle changes.  But lets look at some of the ridiculous proclamations they love to spout.

“With my ‘toxin cleanse’  you can lose up to ten pounds in the first week!”   Their theory is that over the years you accumulate ten or more pounds of feces in your bowel, and “you require a strict fast period with my high-fiber stimulator to get it out.”  Yikes!  I hope none of my readers fall for that one.  Try to imagine how much of that substance ten pounds would represent.  It would probably fill two football helmets!  Your large intestine is maybe 6 feet long.  If you stuffed all that (and some claim much more) into your intestine it would swell up like an anaconda after swallowing a moose.   It just ain’t so folks.  When doctors call for a colonoscopy they administer drinks that totally cleanse the bowel.  They have to see the whole thing clearly.  Those drinks only eliminate a fraction of that  ten pounds.

Of course there are many legitimate detoxification programs to deal with specific diseases or in the case of poisoning, but these should only be undertaken with the guidance of a doctor.  Still, there is no denying that our modern food processing methods and environmental contamination can create an unhealthful situation for our bodies if we aren’t vigilant.  Here are a few true ways you can protect and improve your own diet.  You’ll note that they represent pretty fundamental practices that we are all aware of.

  1. Cut down on processed meats and seek out organic vegetables whenever possible.  At the grocer the healthiest foods are usually around the perimeter, not in the aisles.  I like the old saying:  “If it can’t go bad it probably is!”
  2. Wash all of your fruits and vegetables thoroughly.  A great way to do this is to dump them into a pot filled with water and shake em around.  This is superior to rinsing under the tap.  Also – don’t forget to rinse off meat!  Few people think of this, but the surface of the meat collects knife and other cutting implement contamination.  Usually a quick rinse will not harm the flavor of the meat.
  3. Consume a lot of healthy and high fiber foods like those shown in the pic.  This collection is very decontamination-friendly for various reasons.  Whey, broccoli, walnuts and asparagus all foster higher levels of glutathione, the critical antioxidant and liver detox chemical.  Drinking plenty of water helps digestion and flushing toxins from the digestive system.
  4. Look for certain herbs and substances that can promote chelation and removal of heavy metals from the system.  These include the universal antioxidant and miracle supplement Lipoic acid, as well as herbs like coriander, curcumin and chlorella (an alga that can protect against toxic chemicals such as dioxin.)

Your health is literally in your hands, and in your mouth.  Limiting contamination in todays world is pretty simple and even easy if you follow certain guidelines.  Make sure you maintain a healthy lifestyle and you won’t have to opt for quack treatments!


About Warren Dostie

Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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