Health and Convenience – Diet with Foresight

leftover 4

I suppose I could have opted for a Filet-0-fish and French fries…..

Do leftovers have to be a dreary alternative to enjoyable eating?  I say absolutely not!  But how much planning do we put into our lunches on a daily basis?  It’s usually a snap decision right?   But as you’ll see lunchtime can make it or break it for your fitness or weight loss plans.

Lots of us do make it a point to save our left overs for our “meals on the fly” the next day.  We usually do it either for convenience or to simply save money.  But if you have expended a bit of effort to ensure that you get at least one healthy meal every evening, why not multiply the payoff by carrying it over to the next day?  All this takes is thinking a bit larger when you prepare the entrée (hopefully we don’t encourage gorging 🙂 and putting together a nice little package when you clean up after the big meal.  Thinking even farther upstream you might take that foresight with you to the grocery store too.  Whatever you end up buying is what you end up eating, so you should get into a fitness mindset when you are cruising the aisles.  This is one of the secrets to success in weight loss and in body or strength building.

I’ve been engaged recently in an attempt at a later age to increase my strength and body mass.  Fitness is not my goal because I’ve always had that, but I’ve been only marginally successful at increases because of inconsistent eating habits.  Very simply put I don’t get enough protein.  This has resulted in those freaky dream episodes I wrote about recently, and also in the disasterous unexpected weight loss I’ve seen.  (I’m a lean dude, don’t wanna be a bone wracker!)  But as any serious trainer knows if you up the exertion you have to up the cals and protein.  At age 57 my body’s protein synthesis has also slowed a bit so this is a critical requirement.  I’ve made the adjustment however.  Its very simple, as I’ve said it all just takes a little planning.

Successful dieting for whatever the goal requires intelligent choices, and the utilizing of the power of substitution.  There are many healthful options you can select in your menu – that are also enjoyable, you simply have to plan ahead.  If you don’t you might have to just grab for that burger and fries.

They call it “fast food” for a reason.  It’s all about convenience and low pricing.  But underneath it all its about conditioning and habit too.  If you plan ahead by saving healthy adequate leftovers (including snacks) and have these available the next day you beat the fast food establishments at their own games – and reach your health goals in the process.

I call this “dietary jiu jitsu”   – intelligent leverage in you strategic execution.  I hope it works out for you!

About Warren Dostie

Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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