5 Underrated Benefits of Exercise


Everybody knows the importance of exercise is in controlling or losing weight, or in sculpting that powerful sexy body, but here are some surprising and often overlooked reasons why you really aught to get started…..

  1. Exercise increases intelligence.  The image of the goofy inept jock with all of his assets below the neck – is way out of sinc with reality.  Exercisers are usually smarter than the norm, and for various good reasons.  It has long been know that exercise increases the availability of rich, oxygenated blood for the brain, enabling it to operate at its highest efficiency.  That workout has also been shown to actually increase the quantity of neurons in the brain (see “Studies” above),  it also increases the chemical BDNF or brain derived neurotropic factor, which is important for the process of forming memories.   Exercise obviously makes you a sharper more alert individual.  You clearly are building that mind, as well as the muscles.
  2. Exercise releaves depression.  There have been ample studies to illustrate this effect, as exercise has been shown to make more of the feel good neurotransmitters dopamine and acetylcholine available, and provide the release of endorphins from the pituitary which also gives an immediate lift.  It has even outperformed anti-depression drugs in some studies.  When you’re getting leaner and stronger how can you not feel better about your life?? It’s what nature intended.
  3. Exercise Relieves Pain:  For those involved in serious accidents, heart surgery, or in cases of mild to moderate arthritis – what is one protocol they have in common?  Physical therapy.  That is because the increase of mobility and the rebuilding of damaged or neglected tissue depends upon physical activity, and it is the greatest way to relieve pain in the long run.  The idea that fitness activity creates aches and pains is a perception that really must be overcome.  The exact opposite is true, and once you have continued a program for yourself for a short time you will experience the benefit.
  4. Exercise increases Energy:  Another popular and probably subconscious misconception is that since exercise requires the expenditure of exercise you thus increase your fatigue.  This goes against the indisputable evidence that fitness increases available strength and energy, but when you don’t want to work out – do you really think logically?  Don’t be a slave to inertia.  Get up and get it done!
  5. Exercise makes you younger:  You look that way and feel that way, why should you dispute it?  Exercise has been shown to reverse the physiological and cumulative debilitative effects of aging.  It has been shown to reverse the shortening of telomeres and other molecular “timers” of aging, so to argue against this effect is academic and very negative, isn’t it?

Why shortchange yourself from a big part of life?  Getting the body you want provides a lot more benefit than just losing weight.  It can change your world.  This is why those exercisers always seem to have a smile on their face and a bounce in their step.  🙂  Go ahead, try it and prove them wrong!


About Warren Dostie

Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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