5 Simple Steps to Age REDUCTION


Antiaging has gotten a LOT of attention in recent years and it stands to reason.  As baby boomers and people of other countries slide inexorably into that “gray areaof life they naturally seek out anything they can find to lessen the effects.  I say why not take it a step further and opt for some Age Reduction instead?  Here are 5 tried and true ways to turn back the clock and put yourself back into that body you had 15 years ago.  (where you belong!)

1.  Stop chasing miracles.  Age reversal requires informed, systematic and consistent application, not a pie in the sky grasping for straws approach.  That doesn’t mean that it is difficult – remember the phase “work smarter not harder”?  You can find angles to accomplish this all over this website.  On the other hand, when someone touts the “New, incredible miraculous diet supplement!” little red flags should pop up, because this is clearly a sales pitch – you’ll notice that they end their “breaking news” with a call to order right now!  Have you ever heard a scientist report that way?  Vow right now to not fall victim to great miraculous anything, to demand solid research to back your expenditures.

2.  Cultivate a positive attitude about fitness.  A physically fit person in his sixties is as healthy and can perform  as well as an unfit person in his forties.  Other than a few gray hairs and wrinkles he looks just as well too.  But it goes way beyond that.  Beginning and continuing in an exercise program actually reverses many biological earmarks of aging – diminishing hormone levels such as DHEA and Testosterone, brain size and function,  telomere and other genetic “timers”;  and of course your bone/muscle body mass composition and other factors are all radically improved.  A simple commitment of 30 minutes every other day can dramatically change your body and your outlook over time and you will amaze yourself with the results.  Here you can find plenty of ways to motivate yourself to fitness.

3.  Use a little Mental Jui-Jitsu about dieting.  The key points of a dietary age reduction plan are to seriously cut back on calories, limit processed foods, cut down on sugar, and add more nutritious fruits and vegetables.  The simplest way to do this?  Use the power of substitution in your menu planning.  At the supermarket purchase apples instead of potato chips, ice water for soda, etc. What you have in the cabinet at home is what you’ll be eating.   This girl here has a plethora 🙂 of ideas for cutting calories with substitution.

There are many powerful benefits to be realized with calorie restriction.  It affects genetic and cellular age timers on a fundamental level and is the only proven way to dramatically increase lifespan.  But just as in exercise you might not want to overwhelm yourself with too large a cutback. Better to just start with a few simple food items and gradually build to it as you see the results pile in (or off!)  (Don’t worry that “serious calorie cutting can lower your metabolism, raise cortisol and put you into starvation mode” etc.  There is a bit of truth to this, but over time you will still lose the most weight.  Just look at calorie starved people in prisons). 

4.  Take age reducing supplements.  In addition to covering the shortfalls of the typical diet these can replace the diminishing levels of certain chemicals necessary for life.  They can also limit the destructive accumulation of AGES and other waste products.  Other supplements (and foods) can mimic the effects of calorie restriction and over time provide actual age reduction and life extension.  They’re inexpensive and all you have to do is swallow them!   A broad spectrum multivitamin, extra Vit D, B vitamin complex, Co-Q10, Lipoic acid, and fish oil are all essential to any age reversal plan.  Here is a more comprehensive list.  They are all well accepted the world over and backed by solid research and application.

5.  Get adequate rest.  While many harp on the total number or hours of sleep required, the depth and quality is far more important.  7 restful hours is superior to 8 or 9 fitful ones.  Nature has ensure that the greatest benefit is in the first 3 hours, that is where sleep is deepest, and when growth hormone spurts and melatonin are most prevalent.  For this reason I don’t recommend taking medications before bedtime, unless you must for that meds effectiveness.  Most medications inhibit growth hormone release.  If you are having difficulty getting a good nights rest you might try this post here.  Sleep is essential for everything from mental function through immunity, it is a critical component of your age reduction plan.

There you have it, hope to see you on board!






About Warren Dostie

Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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