Fitness Goals in Perspective

Fitness examples

Look at the two athletes posed on their respective magazine covers; which one appears to be in the better physical condition?  Obviously it’s the man on the right, right?  Heck, the guy adorning the UFC magazine almost looks like the “before” picture to him!

Well looks can be deceiving my friend.  Though our man on Muscle & Fitness is certainly in excellent shape, you might be surprised to know that the other guy – Chris Weidman, UFC middleweight champion of the world,  could very likely  blow him away in any form of fitness test they attempted.  If  you’ve experienced any form of MMA training, you can attest to the fact that it is one of the most gruelling form of workouts.  And that’s before you even start grappling!

Again, I have absolutely nothing against Crossfit and other form of high intensity training.  I perform many of their routines in my own program.  However, even back in the 90’s when I did almost 2 hours a day I dreaded the jiu-jitsu sessions where we would “roll” all out to practice a routine.  Rolling is essentially wrestling, and no matter how fit you might be  30 seconds of hard grappling will leave you in a quivering heap on the floor.  Believe me – or just simply try it yourself!

Of course forms of intense training like these are not usually undertaken to develop a “cut, sexy physique” – ala our friend on the cover.  We perform these to build and maintain our strength and/or to compete in strenuous competitions.  If you simply want to look good, lose weight or otherwise improve your health or longevity a much more moderate program will suffice.  Like they say, any exercise is good exercise.  And even if you don’t look like a champion your appearance will still improve dramatically.  At any rate, on the flip side – being a bit pudgy and in good condition is much better than merely being slim.  As discussed in my post a couple weeks back our body types vary and some will remain either heavy or lean regardless of what they do.  ( I gave up trying to look like the guy on the right somewhere around 1982. 🙂

By the way, Chris Weidman was clearly not pumped up in that photo.  I suspect it might have taken place right after an exhausting cage match.  The guy is a monster and a machine when he closes the gate!    (If I had used a picture of lightheavyweight contender Mark Hunt for this comparison – a man many clinicians might call obese – you’d of thought I was out of my mind!)

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Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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