Power Breakfast with TASTE


Did you have a hard workout last night but you want something more substantial than a smoothie for breakfast?  Are you headed out the door for work but want a real meal in a hurry?  Here’s the healthiest and tastiest one I’ve found to fit that bill.  It covers all the bases: high protein dose (@25 g),  complete spectrum vitamins and minerals, fiber, omega 3s –  and you can prepare it in less than a minute.

I call it a bowl of cereal on steroids.  I decided to put this mix together in answer to my boredom from the whey/chia shake I was having every morning.  Not being a big fan of cereal grain, it took me awhile to find this brand –  Post Great Grains.  It met my first criteria – low sugar, no HFC’s (high fructose corn syrup) and also NO added “natural flavors” which are merely hidden MSG and other “brain depleting” chemicals.  Very important to me.  Second, and equally important I found that it simply tastes better than many of the bland, clearly sugar-based ones out there.

I can also delay my daily supplement pile as this blend provides 25 – 50% of my vitamin/mineral complex, and a healthy dose of omega 3 from the chia. I now take my coQ-10, vit D, lipoic acid, and other sups at later meals which have a greater concentration of fat for their absorbtion.

This is a meal that stays with you, and gets you off to a healthy start.  If you are pressed for time during the day and may thus become an unintentional victim of the fast-food syndrome, at least you know you’ve got that healthy base in.  And if you are a weight lifter feel free to  load up the whey that you sprinkle on.  It complements the taste rather than clashes with it.     Bon appetite!


About Warren Dostie

Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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