5 Unblievably Easy Ways to Instantly Look and Feel Younger.



You see that picture of yourself at the office or at a party and think how aged you look in it.  (“Why didn’t anybody tell me?”)  Or you’re starting your walk or run and just  don’t have any spring or juice in your step.  Your legs feel like they got cinder blocks tied to them.  Well, it needn’t be that way.  Here are a few incredibly simple ways to instantly knock about ten years off the way you feel or look.  They are almost too easy – but you will be amazed at how well they work!

1.  When ever you’re out in public, or anywhere else for that matter, pay close attention to your posture.  Many people middle-aged or even younger tend to let their head droop forward and their shoulders sag.  They get that “dowager-hump” look.  If you would simply stand up straight, pull your shoulders back a bit and slightly tilt your head back – think that “Dancing with the Stars” posture for the men in a waltz – you would instantly appear 5-10 years younger!  Try it out in front of a mirror.  Sagging head forward in lazy stance, then Military Attention look with head slightly back.  This lessens the “jowl look”  and it also implies vitality and youth.  Make it a habit.  And while you’re at it suck in the gut a bit.  Habitually doing this strengthens the muscles too.

2.  This next tip – you might think a waste of time – but its true.  If you desire to at least look younger and certainly more attractive, simply make it a habit of smiling.  Like the posture tip above, the proof is in the mirror or the picture.  It always makes you look younger and better.  Researchers say when you smile you also have a subtle psychological effect upon your mood and the way you come across.  Telemarketers know this and always deliberately crack a big wide one before making the next dial.

3.  Getting back to the work out fatigue syndrome noted above, if you are going for a walk or a run and your legs feel tight, weak and possibly heavy, you can often relieve that right away by getting down to a squat and with back straight supporting all of your weight on your calves.  Bounce a little bit in that position, in effect giving a deep kneading massage to them, this will improve circulation and believe it or not it usually wipes that logy fatigue right away!  Try it!

4.  If you’re just starting out on that walk and come to a hill you often get a real burst of fatigue, often because you are not processing oxygen efficiently at that early stage.  You can remedy the feeling by this complicated method:  Simply take a real deep breath.  Take in as much as possible, really stretch the lungs and fill every tiny corner.  You might feel energized right off the bat.  Fighters know this well, in their corner their trainers contiuously tell them to “breath deep! Take deep breaths!”  Whenever you feel sluggish follow that simple advise.

5.  At my terribly advanced age of 58 I often get a surge of tiredness at about the midpoint of my workouts.  (typically only a short time after warmup sets)  This can really spoil the session, as the truly beneficial sets where you “push the envelope” are only beginning.  I have found a nice trick for getting another burst of energy to complete the really challenging lifts.  I merely go the the sink , with shirt off and splash cold water on my arms and shoulders.  Raise your arms and stretch them all about, splash more cold water on and you are instantly energized.  This effect is only brief, however.  But I always utilize it before  lifting anything heavy.  It goes hand in hand with proper form and balance in avoiding weight training related injury.  Had waaaay to0 many of those already!




About Warren Dostie

Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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