Hernia Rehab for Fitness Training


Here is my chiseled midsection two days after a Laparascopic double inguinal hernia operation.  As you can see, some serious swelling, a little black and blue, but surprisingly little pain.  Yesterday I was on pain killers and I really did not feel like moving around,  but today a couple advil was enough to do the trick and Im already starting to feel cagey!  The details of the operation (and a few things to look for if you are contemplating this wonderful adventure yourself):

1.  Found out my referred surgeon used the TEP method, in which the doctors install a mesh on the surface of the peritoneum as opposed to the TAPP method where they cut through it and put the patch on the inside.  I think of the latter as the “Tapp-out” method because with that they have a greater chance of injuring organs or of the mesh causing “adhesions” to the bowel and other organs over the course of time.  If the surgeon is highly skilled (as mine appeared to be) the TEP method is the way to go hands down in my opinion.  Let em keep it on the outside, I say.

2.   My surgeon used a triangular mesh with minimal fastening, the pressure of the abdominal muscle wall was sufficient to hold it in place till the tissue healed and integrated with it.  I was glad to know that I wouldn’t have a  pile of staples or tacks floating around in my gut.  Of course there is a good success rate with this method if done by a skilled physician.  Hopefully I will experience no “foreign body sensations” which was always a private dread.

3.  With the laparacopic approach the surgeon can also turn the scope to the other side and see if you have a hernia there also, as there was in my case.  He can then make the repair without any additional cuts or holes.  Of course that is one of the main attractions of laparoscopy: you don’t have to deal with a long gash and the resultant extended rehab and scarring associated with open surgery.  There are only these 3 small vertical 5mil wide holes that I’m sure will close up and disappear in no time at all.

Feeling really good about the outcome so far although it is only the second day.  I am going to push the envelope with my rehab, however.  Nothing stupid of course, but I expect to be 100% back in full workout form in three to four weeks.  I will document my progress, we’ll see how this works out!




About Warren Dostie

Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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