NEW Workout Routine for Crossfit, etc.

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What do the two pictures above have in common?  Both show tools for  progressive workout intensity.  If you use the primal option on the left, you might find a benefit not shown in any other exercise.  And its just too damn simple!

This is a great routine if you are a fan of Crossfit, or any other workout regimen that uses unconventional tools and highly varied routines.  They work to keep the muscles guessing, and also to utilize the very important supportive muscles and connective tissue.  This one does that in spades, and its perfect the perfect way to close out any hard workout.

Another nice benefit:  No expensive weights or machines to purchase!  (The beauty of creativity.)

Rediculously simple, just grab em and shake!  Give it a real test and you’ll be amazed!

I discovered this workout while trying to loosen and pull up a huge stake at a construction job site.  It was a rude awakening.   Try to imagine the muscles involved here:  Its a bench press, row, ab and leg workout and anaerobic ball buster;  you’ll quickly find that all of your muscles are strained to the max  and  your intensity it as great as you want it to be –  you can literally shake until you drop!  (or the roots loosen, as in this small tree –  Time for a new set 😉

Hope you add it to your list.

The Challenge:  If you go all out on this routine for 45 seconds I guarantee you will be sore the next day, regardless of your conditioning.  It uses the body in ways like no other exercise I’ve tried (except possibly grappling).




About Warren Dostie

Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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