The Three Secrets of Healthy Eating

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Want to change your eating habits – painlessly?  It’s not hard at all if you first resolve these three issues.

  1. Understand what is healthy and what is not.  This is actually the easiest of the three.  Seriously, there is very little controversy on what we should be eating, right?  “Eat more fruits and vegetables, less saturated fat and less highly processed meats and carbohydrates.”  These recommendations are drilled into our heads incessantly; the ratios of certain foods to others may be contested, but the real question is “how do I get on the bandwagon?”
  2. The trick to healthy eating is the learning of ways to prepare those healthy foods so that they are enjoyable to you.  I could argue that there is a way to prepare a tofu burger that tastes as good as the best prime rib, but I won’t go quite that far.  😉  On the other hand, certain meats are not unhealthy at all and if you mix them with the right vegetables, cook and season correctly they can literally blow you away with the flavor.  Even that “evil weed”  broccoli –  when sautéed or stewed  in the right sauce will shock the most hardened carnivore…     You can find some suggestions on this website or try this other one:
  3. The last part of the formula is critical also.  Much of our dining or snacking is impulsive or habitual.  The way to outsmart the “grab and devour” reaction monster is to simply put it in a cage.  When out grocery shopping put only healthy foods in your cart.  Don’t go near the “snack isle”  where chips, pretzels etc. are prominently within reach.  But give your shopping a little forethought.  Plan your meals a bit.  Stock up on ripe fruit and other healthy alternatives.   Never shop when you are hungry – that’s when bad habits step in.  Just dutifully select with a little care and caution.   Later at home you’ll be forced to eat the healthy ones as they’re the only things on hand, and you’ll be shocked at how they actually taste better than what you’re accustomed to!

Eating healthy is all about eating smartly, not a great battle of willpower.  The proof is in the fact that healthy people don’t really miss the garbage a bit, but getting to that point might require a little creativity…..

Here’s one of my favorite ones from an earlier post.






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Fitness trainer, author and avid anti-aging specialist. Age 55
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