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Sleep Without Medication

Well, the holidays are winding down, so for most of us it’s back to work and hopefully back to getting to sleep normally.  I think most would agree that there are few things more exasperating than trying to force yourself back … Continue reading

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“Fast Asleep” – Fast! How To Stop That Endless Tossing and Turning.

The list of debilitating effects of not getting enough Z’s just keeps growing and growing.  We hear now that it may be partly responsible for our inability to shed the pounds (excessive cortisol production).    It has a powerful adverse effect … Continue reading

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Maunderings of a Sleepless Philosopher, part 3

This one’s not specifically related to health, but it reflects my own personal approach to life in general, and may be a helpful viewpoint for some.  Anyway, it is  what’s keeping me up at 3:30 in the morning, so here … Continue reading

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Maunderings of a Sleepless Philosopher, part 2

It’s amazing how chrystal clear and inspired our minds can be in periods of insomnia.  This can be both a bane and a boon.  I guess that if you can’t defeat it, utilize it, so here we go… Motivating ourselves … Continue reading

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Have a Pain Killer for Dessert

If you were on a trail and saw a bunch of these hanging from a bush would you possibly grab one?  I know I would –  and that’s exactly what nature intended me to do. Cherries are the perfect summer … Continue reading

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Calorie Restriction Works For Your Pets Health Too

Though it’s been known for over 80 years now that profound calorie restriction extends the healthy lifespan of nearly all species studied – from fruit flies through dogs and now primates, * many people will not practice the regimen because of … Continue reading

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Ahhh, Lovely Stress…….

Stress wreaks its evil havoc in so many ways:  It has been linked to depression, weight gain, sleep loss, and even shortened lifespan.  But did you know that stress is actually good for you in many ways?  The determining factor … Continue reading

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Get More From Your Workouts

There’s nothing worse than busting your butt with the weights or on the trail and having very little to show for it, right?   If you’ve been working out for a while now and you’re getting mighty tired of seeing … Continue reading

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5 Simple Steps to Age REDUCTION

Antiaging has gotten a LOT of attention in recent years and it stands to reason.  As baby boomers and people of other countries slide inexorably into that “gray area” of life they naturally seek out anything they can find to … Continue reading

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Alarming Dietary Health Shortages

Are you getting all that your body requires? Even with that healthy diet you are maintaining (-I hope!)  there is still a very great risk that you are running short on certain key nutrients.   Some health advocates may say otherwise for sure, but … Continue reading

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