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Being Against ” Anti-Aging” is Getting Pretty Stale….

Yes, they desperately want to protect us from ourselves…   “just shut up and grow old!” An article entitled “10 things the Anti-Aging Industry won’t say” in the Wall Street Journal recently criticized the attempts of earnest people to mitigate the effects of … Continue reading

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Sugar – A Burst of Negative Health Repercussions

How much sugar do you really get every day?  The answer might surprise you, though it’s through no fault of your own. Most people have heard of the “glycemic index” that is the rate at which sugar is absorbed, but … Continue reading

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Health and Convenience – Diet with Foresight

I suppose I could have opted for a Filet-0-fish and French fries….. Do leftovers have to be a dreary alternative to enjoyable eating?  I say absolutely not!  But how much planning do we put into our lunches on a daily … Continue reading

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Sleep Without Medication

Well, the holidays are winding down, so for most of us it’s back to work and hopefully back to getting to sleep normally.  I think most would agree that there are few things more exasperating than trying to force yourself back … Continue reading

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The Great “Solution” for New Years Resolutions….

Why are people so fond of making grand resolutions this time of year?  It’s obviously because they hope that all the pomp and celebration of the occasion will create a sort of momentum to propel them into a new start, right?   A … Continue reading

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Alarming Dietary Health Shortages

Are you getting all that your body requires? Even with that healthy diet you are maintaining (-I hope!)  there is still a very great risk that you are running short on certain key nutrients.   Some health advocates may say otherwise for sure, but … Continue reading

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Motivating Yourself for Exercise: Brain Power trumps Willpower

Ok, there’s no denying that it’s sometimes very difficult to peel yourself up off that couch to start your walk or workout routine– even though you know that your health and well being require it.   That big blob of inertia just … Continue reading

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Useful Health Myths

Your dietary medicine cabinet The ancients always seemed to seek a mystical connection for all of their medicinal advice –  and sometimes they got it right despite themselves.  I am referring to a centuries old theory called the “Doctrine of … Continue reading

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Is Breakfast REALLY the Most Important Meal of the Day?

The dream usually starts out the same way:  I’m at some function waiting for the meal to be served and a waitress starts toward me with a huge plate and a tantalizing, dripping,  inch-thick ham steak on it.  She wends through the crowd … Continue reading

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Unhealthy Aspect of Exercise? Probably Not.

As you’re clanging away on those weights or huffin it out on the trail, your body is producing a swarm of destructive little by products.  We all know them well, they go by the name of free-radicals.   They are harmful to … Continue reading

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