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Have a Pain Killer for Dessert

If you were on a trail and saw a bunch of these hanging from a bush would you possibly grab one?  I know I would –  and that’s exactly what nature intended me to do. Cherries are the perfect summer … Continue reading

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5 Unblievably Easy Ways to Instantly Look and Feel Younger.

  You see that picture of yourself at the office or at a party and think how aged you look in it.  (“Why didn’t anybody tell me?”)  Or you’re starting your walk or run and just  don’t have any spring or … Continue reading

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Antiaging Supplements A-Z

As you all know, a well thought out supplement plan is an essential element in anyone’s health/antiaging program. I am no exception. Here is my own pill-poppin’personal power protocol. I’ve designed it after very extensive research and also some serious … Continue reading


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Co Q10 – The “Youth Pill”

By now everyone’s heard of  this substance, I will explain why it’s one you really want to add to your supplement plan.  Calling it the “youth pill”  might not even do it justice.  Consider these facts: Your body’s energy source … Continue reading

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B Vitamins = Broad Benefits

Ok, you try valiantly to have a healthy diet, but because of time scarcity it might not always work out that way.  It does take a little extra planning and preparation and we might too often opt for convenience instead.  If that sounds … Continue reading

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I’m Fit, Therefore I Am :)

Quick question  –  Name a four letter word starting with the letter a that is the “product of a workout”.   If you are a fan of crossword puzzles I’m sure you’ve seen this one before.   The answer?  Why it’s ache, of course.  No challenge … Continue reading

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The Right Whey to Lose Weight

On the shelves of your local grocery store… Have you had your whey protein shake yet today?  If you aren’t using this amazingly effective (and good tasting) food source, you are missing out on a whole slew of rich benefits.  … Continue reading

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“I’ll Drink To That!”

Mmmmmmm, keep em coming… When Voltaire was informed by his physician  that coffee was a “slow, steady poison”, he replied “Yes, it must be a slow poison, it has been poisoning me for over seventy years!” Now I don’t advocate drinking … Continue reading

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Turkey-Tired? Your Gobbling up the Wrong Tree

There’s an age old myth about Thanksgiving that’s gets reinforced every year when we sit down for that giant feast:  Turkey makes you tired.  Everyone knows that the big bird is to blame for your sleepy, bloated fatigued feeling; it’s the reason why … Continue reading

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Wake Up Call for Yours Truly

Just finished the Cigna 5k road race in Manchester NH.   My time: 27:22, which put me right in the middle of the pack.  I guess it’s not too bad for my first pure running event in 20 years, not being … Continue reading

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