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Sugar “Fix?” Hardly

Here’s a nice looking pasta dish suggestion for those trying to shed the pounds, right?  The answer is nope.  Far from it.  Your enemy in your weight loss or anti-aging program is sugar, and it lurks in some of the … Continue reading

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Got Any “Grape Dip?”

  Try this little test.  Put out some fruit or vegetables on the table with a bowl of chips for family and friends to grab and munch on.  See for yourself which one disappears faster.  You might find that the surprising … Continue reading

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Mother Nature Does It Best…..

Walking my dog I caught the scent of grapes, so I looked over and saw these right within reach.  Naturally I grabbed a few for the trail.  I found out the place was loaded with them.  I’ll have to bring … Continue reading

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Eating Healthy, Right?

They say you should get three servings of fish per week, I guess this makes one……. Ok,  no one is going to be foolish enough to think eating goldfish crackers is healthy, but what some would be surprised to find out is … Continue reading

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The Big Non-Secret About Diet and Exercise

                                                                     Bustin’ loose! What one critical factor will be most determinant in the success or failure of your ambitious weight loss plan?  What is really the bottom line?  If you haven’t guessed it, it is your habits. Habits are there for … Continue reading

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