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Being Against ” Anti-Aging” is Getting Pretty Stale….

Yes, they desperately want to protect us from ourselves…   “just shut up and grow old!” An article entitled “10 things the Anti-Aging Industry won’t say” in the Wall Street Journal recently criticized the attempts of earnest people to mitigate the effects of … Continue reading

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Is Breakfast REALLY the Most Important Meal of the Day?

The dream usually starts out the same way:  I’m at some function waiting for the meal to be served and a waitress starts toward me with a huge plate and a tantalizing, dripping,  inch-thick ham steak on it.  She wends through the crowd … Continue reading

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Pomegranate – Superfood – Even in a glass by itself.

(Yes, that’s a corny title. 🙂   I love the title of another article I came across on the web:  “Male and Pregnant?  Stay away from Pomegranates!”  I suppose that if you find yourself in that category you may want … Continue reading

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Sugar Is Not Toxic, However…

Chances are you’re getting much more sugar than your body needs. A lot has been said lately on the evils of sugar overconsumption.  It seems to have replaced saturated fat as public enemy #1 for our health.  There is actually plenty … Continue reading

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Detox Charlatans – Don’t Fall For the Miracle Pitch

In certain health spas, and promoted by so-called health experts is the miracle program of “cleansing and detoxification”.  If you are contemplating it yourself, understand that this is a potentially risky undertaking, and the benefits to be gained by it … Continue reading

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Antiaging, Antifading with Testosterone

Have you had your testosterone level checked recently? This hormone has a surprising degree of influence on your quality of living whether you are a man or woman, it is not merely an aphrodisiac as many people think. Testosterone is … Continue reading

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“Fast Asleep” – Fast! How To Stop That Endless Tossing and Turning.

The list of debilitating effects of not getting enough Z’s just keeps growing and growing.  We hear now that it may be partly responsible for our inability to shed the pounds (excessive cortisol production).    It has a powerful adverse effect … Continue reading

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