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Best Foods for Ditching That Cold or Flu

Ok, so you got that flu shot, you wash your hands frequently,  and you avoid (tactfully of course) those who are visibly stricken, but you still wind up catching a cold or  flu almost every darn year.  Why is this so?  It is … Continue reading

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Glutathione – The Critical Antioxidant

We all know the importance of disabling free radicals to insure the health and integrity of our cells; among our many antioxidants for this purpose one in particular stands out – Glutathione  (GSH).  This is one chemical that you simply cannot live … Continue reading


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Common Cold? Common means Easy

                                                         (the alternative)      Well folks, as promised yesterday I have brought for you – just in time for the Holiday season –  the cure for the common cold (and flu).   It’s true.  Whenever you feel the signs of one … Continue reading

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Free Radicals Come at a Cost…

By now you’ve probably heard of free radicals and and all of the evils they wreak on our bodies, and also the great hope we have with the antioxidants at our disposal.  Do you actually take advantage of these? Many people … Continue reading

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Resveratrol Blast

Go ahead, indulge! Resveratrol has gotten a lot of attention lately both in the health food circles and in the lab.  Long valued as an antioxidant with various health benefits,  in recent studies it has shown an ability to mimic the … Continue reading

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Opium – Your Key to Great Health (O.P.M)

Its a simple well known fact that your state of health and well being reflects the balance between the good things you eat and do vs the bad ones, so the key is to figure out a way to tolerably … Continue reading

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Two Who Might Feel Neglected…

A lot of health conscious people make it a point to take a daily multivitamin supplement along with proper diet, exercise, etc., but just how complete is that little pill you take every morning?   Is it really providing that bit … Continue reading

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Your suit of armor

  It’s mid January and we’re at the height of cold and flu season, how would you like it if you could permanently banish these common ailments from your life?  Contrary to what you might hear, it can be done, … Continue reading

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