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Have a Pain Killer for Dessert

If you were on a trail and saw a bunch of these hanging from a bush would you possibly grab one?  I know I would –  and that’s exactly what nature intended me to do. Cherries are the perfect summer … Continue reading

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Hernia Rehab for Fitness Training

Here is my chiseled midsection two days after a Laparascopic double inguinal hernia operation.  As you can see, some serious swelling, a little black and blue, but surprisingly little pain.  Yesterday I was on pain killers and I really did not feel like moving around, … Continue reading

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Sports Injury Rehab Tips

Workout supplies Don’t let those minor injuries turn into chronic ones.  What seems like a minor tear or pull can often evolve into something persistent if you keep on aggravating it.  And if you’ve been around awhile you are aware … Continue reading

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Injuries and The Common Cold, Don’t let em Spoil Your Day.

  Sore back, knee or shoulder got you down?  Still laid up with that cold or flu?    You don’t want them to mess up your Holidays, do ya?  Well there’s help on the way.  Today I’ll show you how you can  put those … Continue reading

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Minimalist Shoes – Is Less Really Better?

Have you tried out minimalist running shoes yet?  Those are the thin almost barefoot – feeling flexible ones that try to mimic barefoot running as close as possible.  Its pundits say it’s the only way to go,  and if your feet … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Injury Get in Your Way.

One of the benefits of having trained for any number of years is the ability to read your body, to discern the difference between a minor sharp pain and an actual injury that requires immediate care.    I have honed this skill … Continue reading

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