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To me this looks like paradise: Perhaps you prefer something like this:   Whatever your chosen destination, your clearly not going to get there by merely wishing for it, right?  The road to your destination requires planning, execution and a … Continue reading

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The Big Non-Secret About Diet and Exercise

                                                                     Bustin’ loose! What one critical factor will be most determinant in the success or failure of your ambitious weight loss plan?  What is really the bottom line?  If you haven’t guessed it, it is your habits. Habits are there for … Continue reading

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Dietary Jiu-Jitsu: Substitution is the Answer!

“Dieting” has become such a dirty word, hasn’t it?  Oh sure, there certainly are some healthy ones out there, but lets think for a minute.  What words spring to mind when you hear the word dieting?    Restrictions…. Abstention…..Avoidance…..Regimen…….blood, sweat, anguish…     All very … Continue reading

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No Time For Exercise? Get Creative!

Do you find your day so utterly crammed with activities that you can’t even find 30 minutes to dedicate to your body?  Do you put in extreme hours also – leaving soon after dawn and working non-stop till well into the evening?  If … Continue reading

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I’m Fit, Therefore I Am :)

Quick question  –  Name a four letter word starting with the letter a that is the “product of a workout”.   If you are a fan of crossword puzzles I’m sure you’ve seen this one before.   The answer?  Why it’s ache, of course.  No challenge … Continue reading

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Mental Jiu Jitsu for Weight Loss

I’m sure you’ve heard of Jiu Jitsu – the art of self defense that’s gained a lot of popularity today in the sport of mixed martial arts.  It utilizes sophisticated principals of psysiology (far beyond simply punching or kicking someones face:)  that can … Continue reading

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“I Could Eat an Elephant!” “Ooops!”

Have you ever heard this marvelous piece of advice before:  “Eat only when you’re hungry.  Mid morning or afternoon snacking is a big part of the problem –  we often eat without even thinking about it…..”     – I’ll bet you have heard … Continue reading

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Stay Strong, It Wont Be Long…

                                                                                             We hear from the experts that even at this early date, new years resolutions begin to fall.   Its pretty sad, if you can only maintain your resolve long enough to experience some reward you are bound to succeed.  Remember that you … Continue reading

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2012 – Your Best Year Ever

There’s nothing holding you back – but what is pushing you forward?  What is going to impel you to reaching those great objectives you’ve set for yourself this year?  Yes, thats right – that face you see in the mirror.  But … Continue reading

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Test Drive a Real Beauty!!

One of the common negative themes we fitness trainers hear over and over is the old “I just simply hate exercising!  Why bother killing yourself in the gym if it’s only gonna add 2 years to your life?”    I am … Continue reading

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